So this was why those Summit control arms were so cheap

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  1. Buddy of mine sent me a picture of his freshly installed summit control arms. It was the uppers and lowers together that were on clearance.
    H/C/I 347 on a set of street tires.
    And this is what happened.....

  2. wow and all those arguments i was involved in about how "they are the same as any other brand..." gawd i hate when im right
  3. The one great truth in this world: You get what you pay for.
  4. Just in case anyone missed it.

    That said, Summit is usually good about making things right with their customers. Has your buddy contacted them about this?
  5. Bought a Summit distributor that had a bad PIP after <6 months of use... They took it back no issues, and I got my ~$160 back.
  6. aaahhh that's still driveable
  7. Notes Not designed for use on vehicles which will be drag raced with slicks. Recommended for applications under 400 Rear Wheel Horsepower.

    I used just the lowers, and on my 91LX they are working fine, however it is just my driver and has no where near 400 rwhp.
  8. Yeah, he gave them a call. The rep. he talked to said he is going to try to send him out their "redesigned" control arm setup.
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  10. in all fairness they do basically say its for weak power setups..
  11. Yeah, ummmm, I will go ahead & stick with my MM arms thank you...

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  13. From the looks of the pics, I bet you could snap those with a stock 5.0 on slicks at the track...
  14. yeah. if i recall correctly they advertise no slicks or above 400 hp. ie; weak replacement arms :shrug:
  15. What are "street" tires...just basic radials? If so, and the power he is making, more than likely wheel hop could have caused that. What housing bushings, stock or spherical? No way i'd run them on anything other than a stock engine....should have known better. But, that looks like poor weld penetration, not over powering the parts.

    Have no doubt summit will make it right!
  16. But, that looks like poor weld penetration, not over powering the parts.

    Have no doubt summit will make it right!

    I was thinking the same thing. Bad weld!!
  17. what kind of street tires and how much power was the car making?
  18. Ok here's my theory, I'm sure some will disagree. When it comes to my fox, If I'm putting the effort into modding it, i'm going to buy parts I trust and I understand that there is a price to pay for those parts. I'm not knocking summit, I buy as much from them as possible, but with something like control arms for example, I'm willing to pay more to avoid this kind of thing. Some part summit sells are high end stuff that they put there name on (walbro makes the summit fuel pumps for example)

    You're friend should have forked out the extra cash if he wanted high quality.
  19. Tires were just some Potenza radials with ~30% tread.

    I couldn't tell you the exact power. 347, AFR 205's, comp shelf cam 600* lift or so, Edelbrock upper/lower intake, and longtubes.