So this was why those Summit control arms were so cheap

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  1. hmmm my steeda aluminums are looking better all the time.
  2. MADE IN CHINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. gotta be damn close to the 400 hp mark, lol.
  4. nothing like spending big mone on the motor and buying the cheapest suspension parts possible.

    If the control arm didnt break im sure the bushing would have torn apart after time
  5. So is he gonna put another set back on?

    I wouldn't. He got lucky here, but what if the LCA lets go next 50MPH??
  6. :stupid:
  7. Who was to know, usually Summit brand stuff has some quality behind it.
  8. Roger that. To hell with taking another shot at a "redesigned" piece of crap. :notnice:
  9. The notes are listed on the web page and in the instructions. He should have read them.
  10. Good lord, is Granatelli making parts for Summit?
  11. Perhaps... I know they're selling Granatelli parts outright at least. Pretty much the standard for what NOT to buy. Wonder if they know that their reputation is such?
  12. And....?

    "Not designed for use on vehicles which will be drag raced with slicks. Recommended for applications under 400 Rear Wheel Horsepower."

    As of right now, with no tune, I would bet his car isn't making over 400hp. He was on the street with street tires. Sounds to me like he read the instructions. :rolleyes:
  13. Well if he read them he must not be to bright to know his car is damn close limit and run them anyway.
  14. That's exactly why he ran them. :nice:
  15. he went the cheap route then he ****es about it? take it as a lesson and spend some money next time.
  16. Did I once say anyone ****ed about it? :shrug: No. I was simply sharing his experience with them, because I remember someone asking about them a while back, when the clearance price was still up. ;)
  17. Can't really fault him for giving them a shot but there's no way I'd put a revised version of the same pieces back on the car.

    Were it me... I'd hold out for some much beefier replacements. Maybe take the replacement set that summit sends and put em on ebay to help off-set the cost of some MM or Steeda CAs.