So what about the next cobras?

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  1. Hey so what about the next cobras? Is ford going to start putting 5.4l in there now??? Or are they going to do something with the 4.6 block?
  2. word on the cobra is that there is no word on the cobra. with the intro of the updated 'shelby cobra' concept, the little 2 seater racer from back in the '60s, rumor is that there may not be another mustang cobra. svt cars would likely be mach, boss, shelby, and maybe others like bullitt and or ...?
  3. The more I think about it, I might just wait another year or two to see what else they come up with before buying mine.

    The possibility of a new Bullitt is intersting.
  4. There will be a Mustang Cobra. The engine I dunno :shrug:
  5. I could see the next cobra having a 5.4l engine with the 3 valve head. It seems to have a lot of potential for making power and there would be a good weight savings over the 4v head. It it can make more than 400 hp, no one will care if the redline drops 500 rpm.
  6. My guess is Ford will use the Supercharged DOHC 4.6L V8 but rate it at just over 400HP
  7. Word here in detroit is 4.6 dohc, but a twin screw blower replaces the 2004 roots blower for more horses.
  8. So, a 4.6L version of the Ford GT motor?
  9. something like that I guess :)
  10. My guess regarding the motor, SC 4V DOHC 5.4 approaching 450-475hp -- the horsepower ante just keeps rising.
    Major brake and suspension upgrades -- IRS of course, not some ox-cart live axle. SMG perhaps, at least a 6 speed ATX.
    Upgraded interior and a far more unique exterior, sort of like the BMW M3 over the 330.
  11. I can't see them doing an smg or paddle shift 6 speed. BMW's version is also a $2400 option on the M3.
  12. They will probably keep it with the supercharged 4.6 with more HP.
  13. There will still be a Cobra. Whether it will be called "Cobra" or not, I don't know. I know there will be an SVT Variant of the Mustang though.
  14. I sure hope that they build a Mustang Cobra. I am looking forward to trying to purchase one a year after they come out. I'm going to wait until there are decent deals and rebates on the new Cobra before I decide to buy one. No rebates and no deals, no Cobra. Then I will instead buy the Mustang GT or the Boss if they make the Boss.
  15. Drag racers and Ford's accountants will be pleased at the choice of a live axle out back. "Among our customer groups that know and care what sort of rear suspension their car has, a large number of them want a solid rear axle; they're primarily the core enthusiast drag racers, and they like the durability, reliability, and ease of modification with it, changing axle ratios, etc.," says Thai-Tang. "There's another group that wants the sophistication and cornering advantage of an IRS, and we're going to offer it on the upcoming SVT Cobra. Unlike the last time, when we kind of shoehorned the IRS in [an older platform]; this time, we've designed the rear architecture to accommodate both right from the beginning."

    Well, I got this from Motor Trend's web site just now. Sure sounds to me like a new Cobra is in the Works, and not refering to the Shelby Concept.
  16. Ah Ha yes, brain fart, I forgot about that. The new platform is shared with other car that have IRS. Ford does not what the new Mustang to be something slapped together using whatever fits, or whatever they can make fit. They have gone through all kinds of testing and made it so they can have use varios engine and drivetrain options instead of just squezing in what ever fits. I read about this somewhere, don't remember. I will let you know when I do. :p
  17. *News Flash! Ford has discontinued building these engines for production forever! some stock will be kept around the country for warranty purposes so when they're gone, they are really gone! The new 2005/2006 platform Mustang/Cobra will not use this engine.

    This is a quote from kar kraft . I guess we can eliminate the s/c 4.6 DOHC from the list of possibilities.
  18. Word is they want it to be real close to the handling of an M3. We can only hope.
  19. That should say it all on the name game front.
  20. Anyone want to bet that there will be a 4.6L, SOHC, 3 valve, S/C engine to replace it?