So what about the next cobras?

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  1. someone sitting in front of my computer, looking a lot like myself posted that a few days ago. Except that person suggested a S/C sohc 3v 5.4L


  2. I'd imagine that there will be a 3V, SOHC, S/C 5.4L also.

    With a S/C any difference between the 3V and 4V heads will probably be less than in a N/A engine. Lighter, smaller, cheaper and almost as much power.
  3. Take this for what you will. Yesterday on ESPN's autoshow program they said that the Ford guys were saying that there will be a Shelby GT500. Did anyone else see/hear this? I know about how the dudes in the suits at autoshows don't really know anything, but I guess we can all hope. Although may this will be the end of the Mustang Cobra as we know it now. Maybe it will indeed be an intermediate model between a Mustang GT, and a Shelby GT500. Just a thought.
  4. I somehow don't think the cobra will be an "inbetween" model. since the first cobra mustang, ford has made it a point that the Cobra is the top mustang they offer...I don't think they're gonna abandon that just yet. only time will tell....
  5. The Cobra name isn't all that important to me, especially since it used to be little more than a sticker package. The name with real importance is SVT.
  6. Yes but the Cobra has not been a sticker package for over 10 years.
  7. I'm not too stuck on the Cobra name, I care a lot more about performance. I never bought my Cobras for exclusivity, I bought them because they were fast. So call it a Cobra, or SVT, or nothing at all. As long as it has at least 400 bhp, I'll buy it.