So what are these wires? And what kind of CAI do I have?

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  1. Hi all, wife and I bought our mustang last week, 2006 GT and its great but I have a couple of tech related questions as this car had some work done by the previous owner.

    So the car has an Airaid intake on it as seen here.


    Ok, is it possible to tell from these pictures if the intake tube as the MVT tube installed in it? Trying to figure out if its safe to put 87 in tonight or if we need to fill it up with 93, because without the MVT then that means its tuned.

    Now the other issue is wiring underneath the steering column, as seen here.




    If more pics are needed I can provide them. I'm at a loss as to what that stuff is and I didn't even notice it until the other day. Any and all help would be appreciated!
  2. Follow the wires? Looks like a switch for some nice door sill LED's or under car lights. Not sure what the plug is for. I'd flip the switch and see? Follow the wires and find if they do anything anymore then rip them out. Not sure I understand the intake question. I'm sure 87 octane will work just fine.
  3. Wow, I didn't even realize that it was a switch. So I turn the car on, flip the switch and I hear the sound move from the mufflers to right under the driver's seats. Its an exhaust cut-out and my lord does it sound amazing! We just drove around in it the past hour enjoying the thunder that this car now creates. Just brings a whole other attitude to the car. Thanks!
  4. Not to be the ass (did we always censor?) here, but wouldn't you get better results by asking the previous owner? :shrug: