so what cam are ppl using with THUMPER heads

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  1. topic says it all. i recently got a ride in a really nice guy on this forum and he was using a b cam with the thumper heads and cobra intake. ive herd ppl say that the steeda 18 cam would be better than the b cam for the thumper heads. has anyone had experiences with thumper heads and different cams?
  2. Would like to know too, sinse I have my 5.0 torn down, about to put Thumper's heads on. Ive got a Thread on this fourm about this subject.
  3. prolly the best answer is going to be from the horse's mouth......his email is all over this forum, i'm sure he would be more then happy to answer all your questions.
  4. anyone else?
  5. well you can buy an e or a b directly from him but for a little more you can get a custom to maximize your application.
  6. I just looked and UPS dropped mine off today....

    I chose the the Steeda 19....I have a SN95 and the B cam and my EEC is risky...

    Ya baby...
  7. Intake side...
  8. I'm running the B cam in mine with thumper heads
  9. I've read a lot of good posts about Thumper's heads and Tmoss' intake. It would be nice deal for everyone, including Thumper and Tmoss since it would probably increase their business if they went in together with someone that builds custom cams. They could get a good cam design and a deal on a bunch of them, then dyno it and see what everyone can expect with Thumper heads, Tmoss intake, and this custom cam. They could sell it as a package or at least offer the custom cam at a discount since there would be multiple copies of it sold.
  10. i use to use that nify button called search to find the answer to my newbie questions and concerns, but now that it's disabled i gotta ask them all over again, which im sure ppl hate responding to. same questions over and over again! sorry guys!!!
  11. Crane 2030 looks like it'd work nice with those heads.
  12. I asked Mike(Thumper460) and he said that his heads don't need any extra help with the exaust, so dual pattern cams might not be as effective as in other heads. The B cam seems to be really effective with his heads. I am going to stay stock but with some Crane 1.72RR's. The stock cam is not bad. I will ecentually do a cam someday.
  13. hi its me again, only almost a year later. after almost a year of thinking it over im goin to do the thumper/tmoss buildup. still am not sure about the cam, but im heading towards a comp cams XE270.
  14. Im looking into the the Thumper heads myself. You just cant beat the price and be in the 12's N/A.

    I think a couple people are running the TFS1 cam with Thumpers.

    How much CFM do Thumpers flow?
  15. Will the B-cam pass california smog emissions? I know the E-cam does.