Roush So what else do you own/drive?

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  1. In another thread "So yesturday was not a good day" I noticed Marcus' other rides being a Chevrolet Impalla SS and a Cadillac Escalade. That just got me to thinking what kind of taste in cars other Saleen owners have.

    Marcus - personally, the 1994-96 Impalla SS is one of my favorite sedans. I also previously owned a 2004 Cadillac Escalade...a great SUV, but hard on the wallet at the gas pump (mine was an AWD with heavy 22" wheels).

    So, what else do you own or maybe use as your daily driver? Also, whatever your significant other has for a ride. A local performance forum/board also did this and it was interesting to see what they drove on the weekends, during the week, and what their wife/girlfriend drove...a rather diverse assortment, and some cars I would have never thought to own.

    I have a 2004 Saleen S281-SC and 2005 supercharged Dodge Ram Rumble Bee I drive daily. My girlfriend owns a 2003 Dodge Neon that will soon be traded in on a 2005 Lexus IS350.
  2. My other car is a S7...

    Tough choice in the morning,, Mustang or the S7....Hummm..

    Yeah right!!

  3. ok lets see i am not made of money but this is what i have.
    2002 S281sc
    2004 F150 XLT daily driver in the winter
    1998 Escort zx2 (the wife's car)
    2001 GSXR600 daily driver in the summer
    Thats right all Fords execpt the bike but if ford made a sport bike i would buy it to.
  4. I drive a 2003 Ford Escape XLT
    Wife drives 2003 Ford Taurus SEL
    Getting ready to trade the Escape in for 06 F150 Supercrew
  5. And you know i keep trying to make a straight trade for that S7 on ebay for my S281sc but for some reason they wont take my offer. how weird is that.:shrug:
  6. 04 F350 diesel
  7. My DD is a 01 Explorer Sport. I just picked up for my wife an 06 EB Explorer plus my 2 toys in my sig.

    Blue Oval baby :nice:
  8. Wow, looks like most here are loyal to Ford with their other vehicles. I feel like the traitor with my Dodge truck.

  9. Yes were are a die hard Ford family! My wife and I have bought about 10 new Fords.
  10. My driver is a mildly modded Bright Atlantic Blue 01 Focus ZX3 that I bought new - currently at 70k miles & counting.
    Wife's car is a LOADED 05 Mercury Mariner.
    18 y/o daughter drives a 99 ZX2 Escort.

    The Saleen replaced a 65 Mustang GT350 Clone playtoy that I owned/built over the course of 10 years. Like Marcus, it wasn't officially "For Sale", but enough money came along :hail2: that I decided to "downsize" my Mustang hobby, and tuck some money in the "college fund".:rolleyes:
  11. Umm lets see, with my car in the shop right now I'm driving my dads 06 F-350 diesel, I don't have anyother cars but my dad does. He has the 06 F-350, A 2003 Jaguar XJR with 450rwhp, an original 427 Cobra, and a original GT-40 Mk1b. And my step mom drives a Acura RL. My dad used to own the 1970 Parnelli Jones Boss 302, and a 1965 R-code Gt-350, but that was way back in the day. When my parents were still married.
  12. Explorer in my sig, and E350 work van.
  13. The Saleen is my daily driver, The 78 Cobra is my race/show car. I have a 95 GMC Yukon to pull the car to shows/track. (I always tell people "yea the slaves always pull the royalty on their carriages... heh heh) I also have an 85 Yota 4X4 for wheelin.
    Here's the 78...[​IMG]
  14. Well,

    Since my other two rides are posted at the top of the thread.... I have a 65 post GTO that is back east in my buddys garage and has 4 feet of snow in front of it. :D Still have my sleeping 89-0028. I have an 06 CRF450R that I need to go pick up that's paid for:(

    From my two rides that Rob posted at the top of the thread you guy's can see I'm really a GM guy. The only fords I have ever owned have been Saleen Mustangs. Must have been that fateful day in high school when I saw my first Saleen. From then on there really has not been another Mustang I was interested in until the 03/04 Cobra. If it makes anyone here feel better I have my eyes set on another S351R that's not for sale but I will change that. Also, I'm trying to talk my wife into letting me buy a new ZO6. I just really want to see if I can break that car under warranty.:D
  15. Mach 1 for me!!!!!
  16. Here's a curve ball for everyone, I also have a '04 Nissan Frontier Supercharged 4X4.....thinking of discarding for a S331 Saleen Sport Truck.
  17. A few from the Ford family, and a few that are not...

    Still a few more spots in the garage, so who knows what is next :)

  18. You have a PM :)
  19. 430 RWHP(de-modded from 500) 2000 Lightning
  20. I think I am really bucking the trend:
    My daily driver is a 1991 Toyota MR-2 turbo that I have swapped a japanese spec turbo engine into, coilovers, etc.

    The saleen is the garage queen / autocross car.