Roush So what else do you own/drive?

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  1. My Daily Driver Rain or shine is the 2000 S281 SC Vert and my Wifes is the 2001 S281! The 86 Saleen & 65 GT Mustang are sleeping like Marcus's & Roberts Fox Body cars! Well, I guess Roberts Fox Saleen isn't sleeping, its more like suffering from heat stroke!:( My 96 Chevy Truck is going up for Sale this weekend!! So I guess only Fords will be left in my household again! That will make my Father proud Again! I grew up in an All Ford Family!!:D
  2. Oh yeah, get this! The guy I see every few days when I'm heading to work that drives his Yellow Saleen S7 as a daily driver was actually driving that car in the Rain today! The roads slightly flooded from us getting alot of rain in a short amount of time and when I saw the S7 going down the road it looked like a power boat on a lake!:D Only in Cali would someone drive a car like that in the Rain!!!
  3. My daily driver is an 06 F-150 XLT pickup, my weekend 1/8 mile driver is my 87 LX dragcar , my summertime driver is my 97 Boss 232 Baja ( 454 Chevy powered) and my wife has an 04 Turbo Beetle! ( Diehard Ford guys sorry about the Chevy powered boat and the Beetle!) Mark
  4. My daily driver is a 2005 F-150 4x4. In addition I have a 1998 Chrome Yellow Cobra coupe and of course the 2006 s281-SC. Im out of garage space for now :D

  5. Daily driver's are:

    2000 Dinan Stage 2 BMW 540i six speed (might be selling for a Z06?)

    99 F250 with 494,000 miles (yes, your read it right!)

    The 89 Saleen vert is sleeping :)

    94-0011 (sold)
    95-0027 (sold)
    96-0224 (sold)
  6. daily is an Black 01 F150 Lariat Supercrew

    wife drives that heavily modded (two booster seats) 02 Windstar SEL

    and over in the corner of my mom's garage I still have my very first car, 1978 MGB vert w/ 56K miles on it. I parked it in 1986 with a bad ring & pinion from too many clutch drops at age 16......

    And I sold my killer 66 coupe drag car this past July, I miss it...
  7. If the weather is good, and the roads are "clean", I drive the Mustang, but since this is Washington, I drive my 2000 Limited Excursion most everyday. My wife has a 2002 Turbo Sport Beetle, and my current project is a 1965 Convertable Chevelle.
  8. I can't afford another car, I keep spending it on my damn car! Actually driving a 90lx as a beater right now thanks to a club member.
  9. The other cars that get the family around from place to place are the six speed ’03.5 G35 Sedan and ’03 4Runner 4x4.
  10. My current daily driver is my wife's 2000 Focus ZTS sedan. We're fortunate enough to be employed by the same company so we can car pool together. :nice:

    I sold my previous daily driver in Sept. '05; a 1999 SVT Contour that was mildly modified (lowering springs, Koni struts, 17" wheels & tires, Borla exhaust, a custom audio system). I really hated to part with it but the agreement with the wife was if I purchased another Saleen (I sold my original owner 1989 exactly a year ago) that the Contour would have to go, too. :(

    My other vehicles have been a 1965 Mustang 2+2 (my first car out of college), a 1969 Galaxie 500 convertible, a 1970 Torino GT convertible, a 1984 Thunderbird Turbo Coupe (heavily modified) & (2) 1982 Mustang GT's; one I purchased as my first new car & one used.
    Prior to the Contour I owned a 1994 Mercury Tracer station wagon. The latter was a great little car even if it was a radical departure from all of my other daily drivers (fuel economy, insurance rates & practicality were the primary motivations for purchasing it).

    So I guess I'm the proverbial FoMoCo guy. :D
  11. 1990 Yamaha FZR 600.....commuter bike......yeah, its a small bike and I look like a circus clown on it!!! (for those who don't know me, 6' 7", 275lbs animal on the BB court :p) but the gas mileage is good and I'll be upgrading to a "little" bite bigger bike soon!! :D Can you say "Hayabusa"!!!! :hail2:

    1995 Ford F150 4x4 Extended Cab.....when it rains....gas mileage is worse then the twins......:notnice:

    Brandi drives the XP8 daily and the 3 other Saleens rest in the musuem....
    previous wheels sold......95 F150 Lightning, 98 S281 N/A Vert, 00 Dodge Durango R/T (mommies car now!)
    So I guess I bleed Ford Blue for the most part......
  12. i drive the neon/day-glow/[email protected] yellow comet for the most part... the 66 notch is drivable, but its been no-opped til after it gets a bigger engine, and the SSC clone still needs some major TLC... its still not clear whether or not the car is savable...:(
  13. well, i am a diehard ford fan,but i only have one out of my 4 vehicles. 1997 saleen S-281 vert., 2006 acura tl-anthracite color, 1995 honda accord-reef blue, 2004 suzuki-gsxr-750 blue/white combo.
  14. Well, the spousal unit tools around in an 05 Wedgewood Blue Expedition. It is in winter trim now, i.e. stock wheel's and tires, but gets the 22's put back on in the spring. Funny how they were a must have in Phoenix, but here it sticks out with them on! My daily commuter is an 01 75th Anniversary Grand AM GT (woo, woo, impressive huh...:rlaugh: ). Being a die hard Ford fan, it about killed me to break down and get a GM product, but the deal was too sweet to pass up. It is actually a relatively sporty little 27mpg car. Runs pretty well with the "ram air" and has more comfortable leather seats then my Saleen!! Untill I get a lift I have no more garage room, so that's it for now...
  15. Daily driver is a tank, aka 2006 F250 crew cab long bed 4X4 V-10, doubles as a tow vehicle.
    Wife has a 99 cheby conversion van with chromalusion accents.
    Aside from the Saleen, still putting the Daytona Coupe together, hopefully going to get
    it painted in the next couple of weeks. Should be amusing once it's done :D

    Oh yeah, and Mike is trying to twist my arm into ordering an S331 Sport Truck :D
    No Mike, it won't be stored in your garage-mahal, it wouldn't get along with your latest toy :D
  16. Bart, how much driving do you do with the 250? Holy cow!

  17. It was a field truck for my g/f's company until about 2 years ago :) I am keepeing the miles off the BMW since I am trying to sell it.
  18. I drive my 350 everywhere and in one year I have put just shy of 50K on it. I need to find me a beater car to drive that actually gets good mileage!
  19. '00 taurus se

  20. I would pay good money for a picture of Robert riding that FZR. :lol: