Roush So what else do you own/drive?

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  1. OK, my daily driver is my 2001 Harley Davidson Softail Deuce except when it rains, then it's my 1995 F150 XLT fully loaded. My wife drives her 2001 Mustang V6 which also is fully loaded. She also drives her 2006 Harley Davidson 883L Sporster on nice days.
    Coldest temperature so far on my Harley, tonight at 34degrees, NO WINDSHIELD and only leather coat chaps and gloves. I'm a true diehard biker, I don't believe in windshields, they belong on a car not a bike, same thing about radios and cup holders! LOL!!
  2. daily drivers, riders are:

    cbr 600rr
    84 corvette (wife's occasional driver)
    05 isuze ascender
    07 dodge caliber
  3. foxbodysaleen19 -- that is a beautiful ride.
  4. i usually drive this Oldsmobile Toronado Trofeo while the Saleen stays locked away..


    It's fully loaded and being an American car over here in the UK I pay a SILLY low insurance premium... WOHOOOOOO... its fairly rare over in the states apparently and its like rocking horse ***** over here in the uK... much like the Saleen....

    I recently sold my '75 F250 Hi-Boy though.. now that was a truck.....

    from this...

    to this in less than 6 months...

    man that thing was fun to drive down these smal a55 streets...

  5. Thanks I appreciate it. She's my baby!
  6. My daily driver is a loaded to the gills 2005 Hemi Ram Quad cab. Modified, of course for more power(custom header, cat back, CAI, cross-drilled/vented rotors, upgraded pads, real carbon interior. My wife drives a 2003 Toyotal Corolla. The lease runs up in 13 months on the Corolla and she is already shopping for a 1965-66 Mustang Convertible. It's nice to help someone "see the light" when it comes to cars.
  7. foxbodysaleen19 -- that is a beautiful ride.

    Awesome ride. Love the color. Can't go wrong with a Harley either.