So what happened on Feb 28th?

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  1. I was watching the oscars a bit but didnt notice anything. What did happen yesterday with the whole ford thingy?
  2. I was wondering the same thing, I even watched Speed all day and the only showed the Mustang breifly on a program about the Chicago Autoshow.
  3. Nothing, I think I heard it was a new rebate program or 0% financing or something.
  4. Talk about a bunch of let-downs. The last couple of dates where they were supposed to release a "new" edition have been gas-bags.
  5. They (Ford ) didn't say they were releasing anything. If anyone has been "Let Down" it is because they have mis-set their own expectations. No where did Ford ever say they were going to introduce new edition Mustangs at Chicago, nor at the grammys.

    This is just internet stupidity. No wonder urban legends are so prevalent. Ford has said many times that Sept 7is Job 1, Sept 7 is on Ford's fleet website, all literature and press releases that Ford has sent out say
    This Fall", but I keep seeing ridicoulos topics being started that say things like "My buddy says the 05 Stangs will be on the dealer lots in March"

    If this sort of lunacy keeps up, next someone is going to start a thread saying that there will be an under $20K V8. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  6. Your a little late. It was already started and it already died. But I am sure you are talking about another one that will pop up here shortly. And I am sure there will be.
  7. I was trying to make a joke, Flexia :rolleyes: Which is why I included the :rlaugh: smilies. I guess Jay Leno won't be hiring me as a writer anytime soon. :D

    But you are 1,000% correct, Flexia. A new "Under $20K V8 topic is sure to show up momentarily. That is unless someone revives one of the many past "Under $20K V8" topics first. :bang: :bang: :bang: :bang:
  8. I thought it was funny. :nice:
  9. Thank you, I'm glad someone around here understands me. :lol:

    Maybe I will call Jay Leno for a job. :D
  10. this just reminded me of what a salesman told me on Saturday night at my sister-in-law's house party. He said they are expecting Mustangs in May. I told him, if it happens it will be a huge surprise because they are not supposed to. He had no clue to anything and even said the 05 Mustang is not a new design, adding it was just new skin on the old platform. What a idiot! :eyesroll: I told him the 05 is 100% new design using cues of past Mustangs.
  11. That's amazing. You'd think the dealers and sales people would have actually read the press releases by now.
  12. I think this guy is just plain lazy or stupid. He even gave me a card for me to go see him when I am ready to buy...NOT! Typical salesman know nothing.
  13. Ive said it before dealers and salesmen know less about the 2005 stang than 99% of the guys on here.
  14. Or is it the typical car dealer salesman knows 1/99th of what the typical person on StangNet knows? :shrug:

    Obviously there are some car sales people who are on the ball like BSracing and Kevin120 (on Brad's site & BON), but unfortunately sales people like them seem to be the exception.
  15. Commercials ran with the GT, '05 Mustang GT and the Cobra concept saying "Expect the unexpected - Feb. 28th"
  16. So.

    How does that translate into Ford unveiling a new Mustang model?

    I see it all over the various internet sites. Anytime Ford says anything many Mustang people immediately think that Ford is going to announce something about the 05 Mustang. Seems like tunnel-vision to me. Ford sells about 3M vehicles / year and 140,000 Mustangs. The Mustang represents 5% of Ford sales. So in that light, 95% of the time Ford announces anything, it will most likely NOT be about the Mustang.
  17. Yes yes I know it was a joke, I guess what I said didn't quite come out how I wanted it to.