So what is an opinion worth in today's market anyway?

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Is everyone entitled to your opinion?

  1. An opinion is nothing more than a POV and should never be taken personally!

  2. Your opinion only counts if it is in agreement with mine.

  3. Yes they are like A-holes, but still shouldn't be treated like sh:t!

  4. Anyone who does such a thing is little more than an inadequate wuss bag and should be banned.

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  1. I'm just curious what you all think. Are we all entitled to our own opinions only so long as it is not in conflict with anyone, or should any conflict of interest be immediatly berrated and attacked by the opposer?

    Let's take an example. Say we are all discussing in a thread the various body styles and options, and someone makes a statement like "I just don't like coupes, I never have and never will". Is this now an open door for every single Coupe owner (or even just one irate one that takes it personally) to come in with guns a blazing spouting personal attacks, calling names and various other immature tactics that don't really require ownership of a brain just to defend his opinion or position over yours? Is that the world we live in or even the forum we all partake in? I am simply curious what you all think.

    By the way, feel free to choose more than one option, and let's have fun with this.
  2. We live in a society that has openly embraced an attack standard so that any one who at any time disagrees with your opinion, view point, or statements will, rather than be debated with on issues, be simply attack either through personal demonization or liking to someone with long held extreme views.

    This fact is so ingrained in our daily lives through radio, papers, TV, demostrations, etc, it was only a matter of time until it becomes the way of life for common people discussing common items like, "Which body style is the nicest"
  3. Pak, I recently stated in another thread that IMO, a 69 Coupe was one of the least desireable body styles. That was MY opinion and I said so. I didn't back it up by sales reports of the time on how many were sold or what percentage of the ones sold compared to the total volume of car sales. I believe one is intitled to his or her (or it's) (gotta include aliens) opinions. Then, the forum is open to different opinions which WILL include guns, knives, rocks, broken bottles.....etc.
  4. Opinions are often a pain, but yes, of course everyone is entitled to have one and to express it - that's what the forums are for.

    Many, many times in other forums I've had to bite my tongue, and come back later to reply to a thread after someone blasted me.

    I've learned that no matter what words someone uses to reply to my post, that there's probably something behind the opinion, and that's what I'm trying to get at, so even if I get flamed, there's something constructive to take away from it.

    I've also learned in life that idiocy knows no bounds, and if you're not careful, it will infect you sometime too. God knows I've had my share of bouts with the idiot bug.
  5. Hmmm, Ok, so far so good, that's nice to know. I guess it just seems then like only a few people around here have real thin skin where that is concerned. Very interesting. Nice to know so far that some don't take it personally at least.

    I did forget one important poll option though, I should have added one that says "Of course everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and if you disagree you can bite me." :rolleyes:
  6. thats because those people ask for your opinion when they dont really want it; they already made up their mind. Thatd be like if I made up my mind to sell the 67 and asked everyone if I should sell it and getting mad cuz they said dont sell it. If you ask for an opinion or help, be willing to accept what you read and use other person's information to help you decide.
  7. That's a pretty good point...See, I kept getting into arguments 'cause I would misread somebody's intent via email/forums/whatever, so I learned to just assume that they don't mean to be rude, I'm just reading it that way.
  8. My opinion is that you all suck :D
  9. o-pin-ion n.
    1.a belief not based on certainty but on what seems true or probable evaluation, estimation, etc.
    3.a formal expert judgment

    Based upon the above referenced definition.........
    Since opinions are like a**holes and everyone here has an opinion, AND everyone here is an expert, and their opinions are formal judgments, then everyone is an a**hole!

    But that's just my opinion!:D
  10. true also, If I tell you I like coupes better and you own a FB, then people tend to get all "dont you go dissin my FB cuz coupes suck" when there wasnt dissing, it was someones statement meant as an opinion.
  11. I feel that as long as the opinion is constructive and/or has a point. (other than being malicious). Your indeed intitled to it.
  12. Opinions in todays market, about 1/2 cent.

    :shrug: And if they are like A..holes then everybody has one and it's THEIRS.
    only to be given the Importance you give it.

    My opinion is do what ever you wish to Your car,
    it's Your money, Time and desires. :)

    But then I only get an Opinion when my Wife tells me what it is. :rlaugh:


  13. Oh man, have I got a cum back but I believe it could be taken to be X rated. :D :lol: :rolleyes:
  14. Pak you certainly put together a half-a$$ed poll; you forgot the single most important option, which is:

    X Everybody, regardless of their personal preferences, has an undeniable right to my opinion! :D

    Please fix this, then I'll vote! :flag:

    Still Dreamin'
  15. I think it already is :eek: :eek:

  16. Sory. I never cood spel wirth a dern. :D
  17. ...sticks and stones.
    ...who cares? an individual.

    If someone doesn't like your opinion, so what! Some people disagreed with me when I first started on this forum.
  18. Opinions are just fine and jim dandy as long as they just dont get downright "insulting" . Thats when you ask for trouble. 68&00 is 100 percent entitled to his opinion. But like this quote that you pasted for obvious reasons, could technically tick off somebody that is simply building an Eleanor replica.
    68 and 00Gt wrote :I want my car to look nice and mean, not silly. I would never copy that paint scheme. Anyone that would build / paint their car exactly like Eleanor for themselves is retarted. Like I wanna drive around a movie car all the time. Knight Rider, General Lee, Starsky and Hutch, Eleanor no thanks.

    I could see saying " building an Eleanor isnt for me, its dog balls ugly personally ". Well, no problem. But to say everyone here building Eleanor (albeit there are only 2 or 3 ) is retarded , is a bit confrontational , and asking for a fight. Opinions are fine. Ive never downright insulted someones toy , at least initially. Retaliatory? Yep. OTHERS , and I wont say WHO , toss insults and expect no backlash. Perhaps one day , SOMEONE here will be able to finally grasp that idealogy..... :nice:
  19. may break my bones,
    but whips and chains excite me!:D
  20. Opinions are just that, one person's thoughts. They should NEVER be taken as offensive to others.

    That's one of our major problems in this country today. People decide to be offended by things that either have no basis in reality (or history), or simply because it is different or politically incorrect.

    There is no constitutional right to not be offended, and if we shut up because we don't want to offend anyone, we are guilty of offense against our own integrity and thoughts.

    That's my opinion, you are entitled to your own, and civilization's continued existance demands that you respect mine and that I respect yours. And I'm not just talking about cars.