So what is an opinion worth in today's market anyway?

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Is everyone entitled to your opinion?

  1. An opinion is nothing more than a POV and should never be taken personally!

  2. Your opinion only counts if it is in agreement with mine.

  3. Yes they are like A-holes, but still shouldn't be treated like sh:t!

  4. Anyone who does such a thing is little more than an inadequate wuss bag and should be banned.

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  1. heh... you guys never leave him alone do you?

    I showed pictures of my flaming grill pony on my '66 in the 6 Cylinder Talk forum. One person complimented it. The rest hated it. I thanked them for their opinions and went on with my life. Noone had an opinion on it when I posted it here. I just figured I was on permanent mute for starting the whole Hell Penguin thing :D
    I'm curious to know what other people are thinking. It doesn't go much further than that. I'm always curious about something.

    Oh yeah, I was at the Nashville show Saturday, and I only saw one Eleanor. It was nice.
  2. Bro I never saw the flaming grill// Was it in this forum or classic? As far as the hellpenguin ( :rlaugh: ) event , you just showed you are a stand up guy . A class act . Me , rat , and 65 are the only controversial types, worthy of being muted :D .
    Only ONE Eleanor ? Even after Nostradamus made this prediction :
    And so it was, that on the great day of the 40th during the 21st century , the American icon will fall to a cinematic replica of a modified original . And great bloodshed will result , internet wars will rage, and the grey lady will be the queen of the icons doom , having devoured the originals , replacing them with armies of her clones" . :rlaugh: I guess that didnt come to pass.
    Did you get any good pics Penguin?
  3. This thread reminded me that I need a new asshat. Anyone know where I can get a new one?

  4. Perhaps from GP. You know, the one with the pretty flower stuck in it? :D

    Wait aminute, that just brought back some long forgotten "e" memories.
  5. I got almost 70 pics... but they're not online yet. I'll have to wait til my day off Saturday.

    As for the grill...
  6. You mean VT ??? Guess your memories are goin :rlaugh:
  7. That's from too much thin air! :rlaugh:
  8. Man,,thats pretty cool looking. Goes real good with the dark paint// Did you make it ?
  9. Are you talking about this Avatar I made for him like years ago? Personally I liked the one with Blake's dog's bow and the dreaded Elmer Pudd better. :rolleyes:


  10. Yea, that's the hat. I have lost it. :(
  11. Boy, you guys missed the favorite body completely!!!!!!!!!

    Female, age 18 to 26, "C" cup, perfect curves, Killer legs, and long, sinnewey chestnut hair! One can only look at sheetmetal for so long, but real curves are immortal!!!!
  12. :lol: OK Dan, ya totally just lost me. I have no idea who or what you are replying to. :shrug: I did almost just :puke: though. When I first read your reply, I somehow read it without the nut on the end of chestnut and was totally bogued out.
  13. WHAT!:eek: Is she a WOOKIE???:eek:

  14. Thin air...maybe. Genetics....probably. Of age in the 60s and 70s......most definitely. :D
  15. The horse I bought from CJ Pony Parts. An aluminum bracket had to be made to hold it to the grill... then holes had to be cut in the '65 grill. It was pretty straightforward.
    I think it gives it a nice touch of color... I might be getting a flaming pony for the '01 also.
  16. really are screwed.....:nonono:
  17. I post stuff on this forum because I want to share my opinions with you guys and hear what you think. I would like to get your honest oppinion on things. Of course I would prefer not to be attacked but you have to take the good with the bad I guess.
  18. Attacked ?? here ? :D
  19. Man do I hear this topic.

    This is how I think a thread should go:

    FirstStangOwner says:
    I don't like coupe's, they have always looked awkward to me, what's everyone's preference and why?

    SecondStangOwner says:
    Eh, coupe's never tickled me either, I like the fastback, or "sportsroof" for the "later" classics.

    ThirdStangOwner says:
    Coupe's rock! I love how it looks less sleek and more business-like if you lower it heaps and paint it a semi-gloss black. Like Gary Myers' 66 Coupe. (look it up, it's sweet).

    This is how it seems most threads go, maybe because the thread starter says something bad about something in a derogatory way, but not usually:

    FirstStangOwner says:
    I don't like coupe's, they have always looked awkward to me, what's everyone's preference and why? They don't really embody what I think a classic mustang (or just a mustang to me) looks like.

    SecondStangOwner says:
    Coupe's rock, and you're ignorant if you don't think a coupe is a stang.

    Now the first person did just state an opinion, and not say something like "they aren't stangs." but an avid fan of the coupe could be hurt because he is protective of what he loves or is passionate about, and listens for every comment that could be an attack on what defines him, and so retaliate. Heck it is a noble and inherent trait to stand up for what you love.

    I think everyone just has to remember, if something wasn't stupidly stated, like "they aren't stangs." then it is just their opinion. It is their opinion anyways, but making a statement like that makes you think that person feels he is a superior expert who knows all. A know-it-all.

    A LOT (I feel over 50%) of any forum chat or live chat is lost or misdirected by the listener because you cannot hear which words are being emphasised, etc., and so may mis-interpret what someone says.
  20. Well said, Route. I agree with you a hundred percent. Most people will indeed stand up and defend something they love. Its easy and respected to articulate that something doesnt make you feel all warm and fuzzy without being downright insulting. Too bad SOME people here dont harbor that degree of intellect neccessary to relay a general dislike without provoking hostile response , via blatant insult.. Those types may not have it in their blood to be a noble or stand up guy anyway...