So what is an opinion worth in today's market anyway?

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Is everyone entitled to your opinion?

  1. An opinion is nothing more than a POV and should never be taken personally!

  2. Your opinion only counts if it is in agreement with mine.

  3. Yes they are like A-holes, but still shouldn't be treated like sh:t!

  4. Anyone who does such a thing is little more than an inadequate wuss bag and should be banned.

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  1. He's entitled to his opinion I do not have any intention of retaliating, but I will point out that you should at least check all your facts before passing judgement Penguin. I guess it's all how you add it up or from how high you are sitting when you judge, but as an example, I never enter or participate in Hops threads, but he seemingly can't resist throwing his half a cents worth into every one of mine. It's one thing to ignore a passer by on the street, but once they enter your yard? You choose to give into bullies, fine, I don't fault you, that's your choice, but not me, not here or in person. I'll totally admit it was my fault for even coming to your defense in the first place, a mistake I will not make on another newbie again I assure you. No one asked me too butt in and I should have simply let nature take its course and let the strong feed on the weak. I know that now and it will not happen again. I have a very bad habit of assuming that just because I do not like to be pushed around that others don't either, but we are all obviously different. I'm starting to learn my lesson and how to MYOB but it's going to take some time.

  2. Hopkinator loves the jabs...I tease him all the time about making an "E" from a "real" GT500. Ever since his first post here on Stangnet (guess what the subject was) he and I have been in disagreement on the project. But all of our back and forth stayed clear of any PERSONAL attacks. I think that is the key here fellas, stay away from the personal attacks.

    BTW...Hop is just a big ole luvable teddy bear of a guy...really! :flag
  3. Ok, this forum is here for us to read, you didn't expect Hopkinator to read the threads where you just so happened to personally attack him? I don't need anymore facts. I like a good joke, but he obviously takes them way too seriously. I would rather have not heard the joke at all, than to have it go on like it does. Personally, I go here when I'm bored with everything else and want something different. I'll debate when I have some steam to blow off. I just think it would be a better place overall if you two didn't personally attack each other at all. I'm not passing judgement. I'm giving my view. You can take it however you want. Yes, I know I should mind my own business, but when you both display your personal disagreement on this public forum, and continue it with numerous threads, it gets old.

    As for my defense, I thank you and every other person for not being as blind as he was to certain things. Most of what you all said went along with what I said and was thinking. I did make my stand, but it got really stupid when I had to repeat the same things to him over and over. He just wasn't going to get it. I doubt my old Avatar was missed. It was not an important thing. So, for the enjoyment of one person on one forum, I did change my Avatar. In hopes that he might find something better to focus on...

    Edbert summed it up pretty good...
  4. I'll add:

    Meow meow meow meow, meow meow meow meow, meow meow meow meow MEOW meow meow meow.
  5. :banana:
  6. Blah Blah Blah, Yawn. Ya see, exactly what I am talking about. I did not slam him or say a single derogitory thing towards him in my last post (and I am biting my tongue at this exact momment). It was between Penguin and I, and yet he has to come on in and attempt to slam me with personal attacks. But yeah, I'm the bad guy. :nonono: OK, not a problem guys, I can take a hint. Lines are drawn, sides are chosen. I'll remain the big person here who is trying to move along first and the rest of you that choose to can have fun playing with your new friend. No harm no fouls.

  7. Pak, pull your shirt back down and hide your button. You make it easy for them to push it if you continue. I hear you, but each press of the enter button throws more fuel on the fire.
  8. So in addition to not arguing or defending my posture or retaliating I now also have to sit quietly and listen to only one side of a story? Boy, tough crowd indeed. This is going to be alot of fun I see. :notnice:

    Just curious OZ, but when is the last time YOU let someone have the last word? Seems to me you are asking alot, but OK, I'll try it just for you. This is my last reply to this post no matter how nasty anyone chooses to be. Done and done.

  9. It's been awhile, I can say that. Actually, I can't remember when, only to say that it has happened. It may have been with Hop that I quietly backed away. :shrug:
  10. you guy's think to much.

    I like the old days when the only thing people ****ed about was how slow stangnet was. :D

  11. They sped it up so we had to come up with new ****es to explore. :D Besides, SD was the only one to really **** about the slowness. He'd say "see ya", and be back in a few days.
  12. Man! Stangnet was SO SLOOOOOOWWWWWWW this morning!!!
  13. :rolleyes: I think we should all have a East Coast Stangnet party ! WooohOOO!!!! Everyone here has had a go with someone over SOMETHING at SOME point, but in the end, I personally love all you dorks. Everyone here is jam up with personality . Yeah, sometimes insults are lobbed, but everyone here is very opinionated. Its all good. I like going back and forth with Frenchy as much as he does with me. If he didnt, he wouldnt have. Ive gotten nasty with him, he has with me. But I always log off laughing like a 6 year old girl. And yall love reading the bashing too. Look at all the hits a thread that goes south gets. Ill bet if I started a "Frenchy vs. Hop" thread, it would blow up from all the hits inside an hour.. :rlaugh:
    If we ever have a big party, Ill challenge Frenchy to thumb wrestling. If I lose , Ill stand tall and say Frenchys the Man , vive la France, we wouldnt be a nation if it werent for Lafayette, ` and Im an idiot for making simple mods to a real Shelby . If he loses, he has to say that Norsemen made the French pee in their pants , theyd be speaking German if it werent for us ,and this is the best doggone looking Shelby hes ever seen. And 65 has to wear a thong in front of everyone .
  14. Around here, Cinco de Mayo is real big. I know it is celebrated because the Mex's beat France, but let's face it, EVERYONE beats France!!! What's the big deal? :shrug: I mean, I spent 4 years in the bush of Alaska, and the natives up there didn't have a big party to celebrate when we bought Alaska from the Russians. They could give a flying fu--.
  15. :D Thats true. Matter of fact, just to prove that point, Im going to get a platoon of 6th graders , arm them with paintball guns, and go occupy Paris. :rlaugh:

  16. THAT'S an image I'll stay over here on the beaches of Arizona to miss!!! :rolleyes:

    Still Dreamin'
  17. Even if I shave my legs? :(
  18. I'm having a hard time understanding the challange in that. :scratch: Wouldn't the average age of a local 6th grader be in his mid 20's down south?

    That's an honest question folks, not a jab or retalitory comment. Since I'm not French I couldn't possibly take offense to any of it, so I am just asking out of curiousity. By the way, caught a re-run of The Patriot over the weekend, at least the French came thru once in their life. Looks like there almost wasn't a free America from the English without them. :flag:

  19. Then, one conclusion might be that they are good helpers, but can't stand alone. I mean, come on.....they let Mexico beat them. The rest of the world kind of looked the other way with Napolean, until they got pissed off and squashed the bastard. :D
  20. :banana: