So what is an opinion worth in today's market anyway?

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Is everyone entitled to your opinion?

  1. An opinion is nothing more than a POV and should never be taken personally!

  2. Your opinion only counts if it is in agreement with mine.

  3. Yes they are like A-holes, but still shouldn't be treated like sh:t!

  4. Anyone who does such a thing is little more than an inadequate wuss bag and should be banned.

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  1. ;)

    I'll just wink and smile, I know wondering what was edited is far better than knowing.
  2. It wouldve gone over your head.
  3. Yeah, I was playing devil's advocate for Hopkinator. It was fun.

    Sorry if I come off as insane, but just so everyone knows... about my Hellpenguin thread. I thought that was hilarious. I laughed every time I posted and read the other posts. I know a few others saw some humor in it. I really don't see how Hopky can be a bully when he just tried to stand up for what he believes to be right.

    The reason I went on about Pakrat and Hopky is because they just seemed to get really heated and they were warned by the Moderator. I guess I'm just freaking Mr. Rogers here trying to make everyone live in peace. I'll stop. I get enough anger around me at my job.

    Oh.. and before I forget, "newbie". This has to be one of the most stupid words that people use. You have not been/posted here long enough to be considered a human being on an internet message board. That's great. :nice:

    It would be true, but after a certain age, they get expelled from school. So it's "they should be in the 6th grade, but they dropped out." Most of the guys in their 20's who made it to the 9th grade, didn't make it past that.

    So where is this get together happening? I vote in SC. You guys get drunk and beat each other up. I'll go test drive all of your cars. Sound good? :banana:
  4. ..and so I am reminded why I do not come to this forum any more.

    On a side note..

    I am thinking about selling the 65 and getting out of the Mustang hobby all together. I have found a new automotive love and feel like it is time to follow a different path.

    Time will tell though.
  5. :(

  7. :rolleyes:
  8. That reminds me of something written on the wall in the router booth at work.

    To set the scene, there is a piece of text that says "If you're reading this, you're not working."

    The piece I am reminded of is WRITTEN underneath, and says "If you're writing on this, you're not working."
  9. long as it's not a mini-van or Miata! :rlaugh:

    I too will eventually sell or maybe just give my Stang to my son. I have been toying with the idea of buying a used 32 roadster to play with, nothing fancy, just a basic hot rod to cruise in, but then again I'm getting the urge to get a small sail boat too :D .
  10. Funny, it reminds me of what I was told when I made a simillar statement once in the watering hole/gutter or whatever it is called today. It went something like "Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!" :rolleyes:

  11. Yea, folks move on, prioities change, so do interests. Hope Ty isn't bitter from the sqaubling. I'm sure there is enough of it to go around wherever he lands.
  12. Making more friends? By the way, your avatar sux and you should consider changing it before it ticks off a Christian that possibly cant control his anger...
  13. Ok, I won't...
  14. I am hanging up the Mustang hobby because I have found something else I would rather pursue at this point in my life. I will be hanging up the moderator position as well as my position with

    Thank you all for the laughs, the good times the bad times and the sad times.

  15. Not that I should even bother to reply, but FYI, it was Tyler that said it to me originally. And BTW, until Stangnet passes a rule limiting what can and can not be used as an avatar, I'll do as I please when I please. (By the way, God gave us the gift to choose for ourselves ya know, he let Adam CHOOSE to eat the apple!) The law won't even allow kids to pray in school but you want to try and play your religion card here? Gimme a break. "A Christian that can't control his anger"? What the HELL kind of a Christian do you call that? The fair weather kind that doesn't go to heaven? Look, as a Mustanger and a Catholic I find your emulation of a car that was made popular by a low life thief VERY offensive to my religious and car beliefs, so I'll change if you will? This is not the holynet, it's stangnet! Go be a martyr some place else if you simply can not stop whining, there are alot more important religious fights to fight and wrongs to be righted in this world than expending all your enrgy on my Avatar. In fact, I guarantee one way to make sure it gets even bigger and never goes away is to keep up this :bs: !

    Moderators, pay special attention here, I offered a truce quite some time ago and not only was it thrown back in my face in an un-christian like manor but the instigating continues as well. :shrug:
  16. You called a truce?? Every time YOU post with your lame avatar its a rediculous assault aimed at me. Its like if I changed my avatar to something like " I DONT LIKE FRENCH SHOEMAKERS " youd probably have an inclination to think it possibly could be aimed at you. But I didnt do that now did I ?....
    as far as the religious card, thats brilliant. Lost points on that one Frenchy , and you didnt have many to spare.... Its common knowledge that your avatar has symbols that desecrate Christianity , MR CATHOLIC..... But you tell yourself whatever you want so you can sleep better at night. Oh yes, so now, if I take off some simple mods to my Shelby , youll change your avatar ? Im not French , Frenchy. Rolling over and wetting myself isnt in my nature. Thats the equivalent of what Id be doing . You sure have a hard time understanding how this Shelby is completely unharmed. Is this truly the catalyst of your dislike of me? I think theres something else... Hmmmmm.....
  17. Boy you are so patheitc! :lol: It can be said that you are a man of very few words.....and unfortunately you use them often. Change your avatar if you like, I am secure, I don't care. You post it in every frickin thread you enter anyway, so what's the difference? BTW, you just gained a point in my book, that puts you at one.

    Couldn't you have simply PM'd me and said, "Hey Pak, if you want a truce than please also change your avatar." Instead of the less than holy methods you have chosen? It just amazes me how you are so willing to continually show everyone your level of ignorance with this crap. :nonono:

    Let me guess at the next reply: (Hop to me) French you, you frenchy fried retreating frenchy french guy you! You just wait until I get a hold of your thumb you french kissing frog.

    :( Ooooh, that would show me! Good one tough guy! :nice: Now I feel just awful. :rolleyes: Aren't you missing a showing of "The Passion" somewhere?
  18. I think it's time for a :lock:

    But then again it might just be my ignorant self. :shrug:
  19. Oh we are soooooo passed that time. :bang: