Roush So what qualfies a Roush as a Roush?

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by cowtown, May 19, 2006.

  1. I'm lining up a new 2006 from my local Roush dealer and I'm planning on getting a Roush kit installed.

    Namely I'm getting..

    Front bumper
    Side skirts
    rear valence

    I'm not planning on getting anything else Roush (right now at least). What qualifies a car as a Roush then? I'd be hesitant to call my car a Roush as it isn't a complete kit with power adders/wheels etc. I don't want to tweak any Roush owners nipples by accidentally calling it one.

  2. having a plaque stamped on the shifter bezel area. But it doesnt qualify your car as a Roush. To qualify as a true Roush, it must be made by them where as in Saleen does the same. If you just put a body kit on it and do nothing to it by adding all other Roush accessories. Just simply put it this way, explain to them that it is not a Roush, just a kit added thats all.
  3. Gotcha, I figured as much. I didn't realize you could actually get Roush "built" cars. I figured entire kits were just installed to Roush specs by dealers.

    Good to know though. Still going to love the roush body parts though, definitely the most attractive front clip IMO.
  4. I might be misunderstanding your post, excuse me if I am. My car was built by Roush as a Roush Mustang Sport But it doesn't have a plaque on it. It has a seperate sheet from Roush, not something the dealer put on.
  5. Roush serial #, 05 & 06's are inside the passenger side door jam.

  6. Learn something new every day :nice: I hadn't even opened my passenger door yet. Sure enough when I did, there's the sticker :D
  7. Welcome to the family....