So Whatever Happened to those Days?

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  1. You know, when we had such stimulating topics such as:

    "gbm: The "weep hole" is one of the more initmate parts of the water pump and should be given proper respect to preserve the pump's modesty. The hole is located on the underside of the pump body casting under the main shaft. Ask the pump's permission first and then slide your index finger under the shaft and feel for the hole. If you feel coolant, the pump's front seal has been "weeping"; often you'll see coolant residue if the seal has been leaking over a period of time. Such a condition indicates that the pump is failing and should be replaced before the front bearing begins to grind. It is also a good idea to try to wobble the attached fan (if so equipped) to check for slack in the bearing.

    Monkey: I made no such inference. The phrase may also be translated into Latin: "Illegitimus non carborundum" if that makes you feel better. And, yes, flyfishing is also a SD favorite activity. I build my own rods and tie my own flies as wel.

    SuperDave's timeless wisdom:

    1- "Rust never sleeps!"
    2- "Given enough time and enough money, anything is possible."
    3-"Never say a job is easy until after you have finished it."
    4- "Cheap ain't good and good ain't cheap."
    5- "Just because a part is "new" doesn't mean it is good: VERIFY it!"
    6- "Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance:pPPPPP"
  2. Now that was a true :SNSign: CLASSIC :nice: :nice: :nice:

    I miss the Super One....
  3. Ah the good ol' days.......if I'm not mistaken Chelle has been archiving some of our bon-ier mots................
  4. But will she actually admit to it?

  5. Random post of silliness

    So let me get this straight instead of talking and drooling about cars you'd prefer us to ask something to the effect of " Do you want fries with that?!"

    Anyway, thought I'd share an inside joke with all of you ... and if anybody can guess the movie your doing better then I was when I heard it...

    * Puts on best fake English accent* "I saw me life flash before me eyes... It was really boring..."

    At least thats what the voices seem to have titled my stint here in Lousy-ana!
    :hail2: to whoever finally figures it out...
  6. Becareful of wishful thinking. The GBM could still be lurking.
  7. That's been in my sig line for I can't remember how long.

    See, I like it, 'cause I have the least amount of stooopid quotes in there! :D

    Trish, I don't remember the name; but wasn't that the guy from a Sandra Bullock :drool: movie, where she played, uhhhhhh, his accountant or lawyer or something like that?
    Hugh somebody..... not the guy from X-men

    Oh yeah............. I'm a real Hollywood hound :rolleyes:
  8. haha, Chelle that's an awesome collection you've got there!

    StangDreamin' - Do you mean Hugh Grant? In the Movie "Two Weeks Notice"??
    Also, has Ford contacted you about your name and the $10,000 they want from you in penalties for copyright infringement?

  9. Whatever happened to the rabid leg humping half baked christmas cookie?

    Did BBFCM finally eat him as promised so many times? OR did Chelle thump him enough times over the head with trout? *Cue cheesy soap opera music* These are the days of our stangnet posts....

    EDIT: Also the quote was from Babs on the movie Chicken Run. And StangDreamin as many times as you could quote kids movies when I was still home the fact that you came back with that wrong of an answer really makes me want to say that you need to take my little brother to go see Cars or something...
  10. Oh he's out there alright...You can just feel him watching you.


  11. I'm trying to remember where I stumbled across the Christmas Confectionary in the last coupla months. Was it or :shrug:

    Wherever it was, people were still being regaled with stories of the '85 1/2-ton propane bomb :lol:
  12. I think I must have missed this post last time, so I'll reply now! :rolleyes:

    Yeah, THAT's the one!
    Nope, but I'm waiting..... got the phone number for the Legal Dept at Boeing (they're the successors to North American Avaition, which built the ORIGINAL Mustang, aka the P51) on my speed-dial and everything :p

    Let's see now, Ford wants to sue a bunch of smaller businesses (small pockets) for profiting on the trademark infringement of Ford's car; then Boeing goes after Ford (big pockets) for profiteering on Ford's trademark infringement on their airplane (You buy the company that bought the company, you bought the proprietary data!) Hmmmmmmm...... :D

    EDIT: I just thought of something else. The Mustang "running horse" logo looks exactly like both Cowgirl Tink's Thouroughbred and my Ay-rab when they're playing "90 MPH tag" in the turnout arena (Necks stretched out, taills lifted slightly above the horizontal plane). Hmmmmmmm.... are they using my livestock as models for a logo on which they're making insane amounts of cash?????? Maybe I'd better get my lawyers in touch with Boeing's lawyers.......... :D :D :D
  13. I thought I heard some heavy breathing coming from the back of the Closet, but it's dark back there and I'm afraid to look...................
  14. No worries; that's just Dutch, my "flea-bitten grey" (no kidding, that's the color pattern on his registration papers) Ay-rab pony. He was tired of standing out in the sun, so I brought him inside. Didn't want him drinking out of the Gutter (thinking of a 1200 lb drunk horse :eek: ), and I didn't want him shedding gray hair in the Jacuzzi or on the Barcaloungers; so I parked him back there.

    What did you think those bales of alfalfa were for? :scratch:
  15. I thought it was fresh straw for bedding, after all, it has been awhile since anyone mucked out my stall........................:(
  16. Alfalfa for bedding? Are you nuckin' futz? :eek:
    For bedding that's gonna last only 4-5 days, I'd get wheat straw or something of the like - not $10/bale alfalfa! Yeesh!
    As it stands, $10/bale is a good price in Arizona..... you're in Gnu Yawk, and the bedroom outside The Closet door is in Missouri - I don't even wanna think what it would cost in either of those places :crazy:
    Had some people show up out at Shady Hollow a month or so ago, they were from DelMar (north of Sandy Eggo). Said alfalfa was going for $14/bale (but only that cheap if bought by-the-ton) in SoCal. :nonono: At those prices, building up a 67-69 Mustang would be a lot cheaper than keeping the 3 real horses!
  17. Exc-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-se me!:doh:

    My apologies, however, what makes you think that I, a direct descendant of the ROYAL lineage of Big Blue Closet Monsters, would entrust the resting of my creaky old (45 years tomorrow 6/21!) bones to lie upon cheap, might I even say, common straw?:nono:
  18. Moldy oldies

    Now we gotta find a way to unlock some of those classic threads! :lol:
  19. Holy crap! You had another birthday and I missed it? Well belated happy, happy; Old Man :cheers:

    Anyway, yeah, you really want to rest your weary bones on soft, gentle straw, as opposed to alfalfa; which, although very much more nutritious (if you're a hoofed creature), is very rough and prickley on which to rest yourself. Believe me on this, I've crashed out on bales of both over the years, and a bale of alfalfa feels like waking up on a bale of half-dead rose bushes! :eek: