So Whatever Happened to those Days?

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  1. Happy Birthday Big Blue!
  2. BBFCM-

    Happy Birthday! Now you have reached my plateau, but I will add another chronological step in two weeks. How has your health been? Any more work on Sally?
  3. Happy late B-Day, Fritz! :D

  4. And, honor of Chelle's avatar:drool: ; I'll just keep my self out of trouble (more or less) by getting it out of the way and saying "Happy Independence Day" ahead of time!

  5. She's wearing it for me, as that's MY birthday! Still stuck at 16!!!! (plus alot!)
  6. Wow Cheapie! I didn't realize that your BD was on the 4th of July -or that you were that old :eek: :rlaugh:
  7. Actually, will be only 46.

    Now, If I could only free myself of this walker and oxygen tank, I'd hobble over to you and beat you with my cane!!! :chair:
  8. Happy birthday to the both of you! My 33rd came and went relatively unoticed this year. I'm sure you've run into that problem before Dan, with your birthday being overshadowed by Independence Day Celebrations. I was born on Valentine's day which means I have to give to somebody else to make their day special or I'm in the doghouse untill my next birthday!
  9. It was there, I had to take it; you know that. Besides, I'll not mention any names, but I had a goodTEACHER :lol:

    Actually, 46 isn't that bad..... you don't even have 18 months on me.
    Of course, I'm really old and gray; and I also.....what was I going to say? :shrug:

    Well, happy birthday, anyway :D
  10. And a happy early b-day to Dan! :D

  11. Thank you 'Chelle!

    First off to VIR for the Shelby Convention, then my birthday. A very good, extended weekend!

    Still a big kid, just have less money now!

  12. AHA! See I always told you that you were an old man... Now you're past the denial stage and openly admitting it too!
    :D J/k dad Couldn't resist the flourescent welcome mat on that one..

  13. Yeahyeahyeah; I used to be young and good-looking.

    Then that first kid came along..............

  14. Yea yea I know I caused the first few grey hairs, but you've admitted mom Matt and jessie helped too.

  15. Happy Birthday to you too Dan!

  16. WHOA! wait one gray fuzzy minute buckaroos....the Cheap One may be slightly under one year older than me, (Happy B-day, btw.....) but how come no one wished me an HB last Wednesday when I hit .45?:shrug:

  17. Ummmm...Did you bother to read all the Happy Birthday posts to you on the previous page?

  18. Is that what happened???? I wondered why you were hiding under your bed every time the "official" Crown Vics rolled past. I don' wanna know nothing!!! :nono: I'm hoping to pull off the "What the heck are you talking about?" defense if they come after me for harboring a fugitive.

    Besides, I already wished you a happy birthday - even if it was after you mentioned it. It was an accident; in fact this year, I (apparently along with the rest of my family) forgot about my own birthday until my brother called on Jan 16 and apologised for being two days late! Actually it was three days:rolleyes:

  19. And more than a few from me in the past five years. How's life man? see you in 4 days.

  20. Hey! Jan 16 is my birthday.