So Whatever Happened to those Days?

Discussion in '1965 - 1973 Classic Mustangs -General/Talk-' started by Realmongo, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. Yeah, but you're like 20 years (and 3 days[/b] ) behind me......

    Anyways, when should we celebrate our birthdays? Jan 14 or Jan 15? :shrug:
  2. screw it, make a fourday out of it.

  3. Sounds good to me. :nice:

  4. Done deal, then!

    Shall I order up some Mai Tai mix and chocolate sauce for The Gutter? :cheers:
  5. Lets stretch it out until the 22nd so I can get in on the fun!
  6. I used to talk to him frequently on Messenger until I crashed my comp a few months ago and lost his addy. Not sure if he thought I booted him or what, but I haven't heard from him since.

    I've been playing with the Old Trucks for the last few months so I've been hanging over at the Fordtruckenthusiests forum, but I should be back here soon, the 65 and 70 ragtops are in the batters box for a resto.

    PS; happy Forth to all! now I'm gonna get drunk:D
  7. Chocolate for the Gutter.......:nono:

    The last time the Monkeys broke the Football,

    and the Gbm got burnt. :D
  8. bad......i missed that solly!:shrug:
  9. Not too mention, I STILL haven't gotten it all out of my fuzz yet!:nonono:
  10. Ohqwitcherwhinin'!!!

    You know as well as I do that some of that purported "chocolate sauce" in your fuzz is, in fact, old Peanut Gutter Butter! :lol:
  11. Worth!

    You are still around, how ya been?

    Thanks to all for the birthday greetings.

    Beat the living snot out of the Cobra down at VIR, trying to find some pics. The car ran flawlessly, and was wicked quick. What a blast! Finally, after over a year of problems, it finally ran right!
  13. Now, I know you're expecting me to spout off the "other half" of that old commercial; but I'm not gonna do it! :nono:

    All that Peanut Gutter-Butter is yours
    I'm sure not gonna touch anything that squished out from between your toes :puke:

  14. :puke: Ewwww!
  15. Does this Peanut ButterGutter have to be removed periodically with something like a sewage pump?
  16. Not's the end result of me stomping on Peanut-boy a.k.a. Steelhorse. I usually just soak my feet in the Gutter untill it loosens up, then I can wipe my feet clean with a washcloth.:shrug:
  17. Aint it nice when it all comes together:D

    Been great, did a career change, got tired of being retired:rolleyes: , or was it the lack of spending cash for the classics???:nice: Found a nice cushy job with cash and bennies and I get home at 3;30 every day:D
  18. You're a drug dealer? :scratch:

  19. I feared you were no longer you big bearded snugly mustang man.

    My addy is [email protected] whats yours?

  20. Haha, the boys still remember me.

    I been busy latley and havent really stangnetted things up in a while. Im not sure when the last update was so ill go back a ways. 3 years ago I got screwed over a little at my meat cutting job so I got luckey and got on at Tolko (a sawmill near town) I worked there saving my money for 2 years and realized sawmills are not for me for the next 35 years of my life so I signed up for some school, after 10 months of trade school I'm endentured in a Heavy Duty Mechanic apprenticship at Dawson Construction (big company based out of my home town) Things are going well iv bought literally thousands of dollars worth of tools for my trade (I bought in pairs so I have tools at home aswell:nice: ) I guess iv been through a few girls of the years some werent the bring home show the parents type well none were who am I kidding:nono: I am looking at houses right now online I have a healthy downpayment and a little plan of renting part of my house to subsidize my play time in the must have shop in the backyard. I sold the 85 f150 propane bomb and bought a 77.5 f250 4x4 camper special, shes a good old truck well kept over the years. No mustangs sitting out front yet but I reckon once I move outa grannies basement Ill be in the market once again.

    Ill add a icon to my desktop and try and swing by for a post or two from time to time..