So what's it going to be?

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  1. There's all kinds of conjecture floating around about what the new Mustang is going to be like. So far, about the only things we THINK we know for sure is that it will be IRS and there will be some sort of Eco-boost version available (not sure if U.S. or just overseas). So anyway...

    Here's a couple of conflicting sources:

    What do you know and what have you read? What do you think the U.S. outcome/version is going to be like? I think we can count on seeing the Coyote in its current form in the GTs. I guess the V6 is on the chopping block? :shrug:

    Will we see another 4-banger and some sickly OEM power adder? :doh:
  2. I would like to see a 5.0 with direct injection, and a 3.5 eco-boost as an option.
  3. You know what kills me? Ass-hats that are calling for a 4-door Mustang. Those folks should be shot on sight or never allowed access to the internet or able to ever offer an opinion about anything. Morons... :nonono:

    Theyneed to take their soccer mom's down to the roytota dealership.
  4. Or go grab a Charger.
  5. I don't mind the demand for a 4-door. Not because I want to see one, but because it proves Ford should port the Falcon over here. A rebrand of that car could save Lincoln.

    Shoot me full of lead, but I'd like to see EcoBoosts in both the 4 and 6 cyl variants. New SVO?

    I'm glad this sub-forum is up!

  6. ...but they already have one. It's called a Taurus. :shrug:



    Any similarities there? I think so... :chin

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  7. next thing you know its gonna look like that big ass crack of a car Porsche calls the Panamera. Four door created from coupe syling, ill pass
  8. I know what you are saying brother! Tell you something that chaps me sometimes....The wide body look most people hate on any Mustang that had an aftermarket kit on it. If it was from the factory it's OK! That chaps me and looking at the design on the new one it looks more like the wide body look is coming back! What gives?????
  9. Yeah, the SHO is a cool car (though I wish you could get it with a stick like the old ones), and the Taurus sells well for Ford, so they wouldn't mess with that. But it would be cool to see a dedicated RWD platform for a sedan.
  10. Agreed... Ford does need a "Sport Sedan" that can compete (if not then be readily compared to) units from the likes of BMW, Audi, and Mercedes... Just like how the Stang gets compared to Corvette, M3, etc. It's great advertisement when you have something being compared to something else that is 1 or 2 classes ABOVE your expected target.
  11. ^And I don't even know if Ford does, but Lincoln certainly does. The other American luxury brands are going after the European marques in a big way: the Cadillac ATS and SRT 300. Lincoln just isn't up there. A Falcon port could save them.
  12. I read an article last week with a rumor that they were going to build a limited run of 2014 1/2 cars for the 50th anniversary. Pretty cool idea if you ask me.
    Also, I thought the IRS was no longer a rumor though... :shrug:
  13. The 2015 Mustang GT will have a Direct Injected 5.0 in N/A form putting out right at 450 H.P. There will also be a base Mustang with an EcoBoost 4 cyl that will be advertized at 35 mpg. There may or may not be a V-6 version. IRS will be standard equipment across the board.
  14. I think the IRS is pretty well settled. Question remains as to how good it will be.
  15. I don't care what it's got for a rear end, as long as the GT model is still V8 powered and it doesn't look like some eurotrash mish mash of parts (like the second one posted). Keep the hard lines and classic styling that got them through the first 50-years. That's what's worked so far, why change it. Save the "experimental looks" for some other rebadged model, not Fords flagship pony car!
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  16. Actually I think it will be outstanding. The problem with the first use of an IRS in the Mustang was using the same pickup points as the solid axle system. That compromised the design effectiveness. Given Fords engineering advancements over the last several years, I expect the new IRS to be a home run.
  17. Agreed. I just wonder if they might repeat that mistake on the s197 platform.
  18. One would hope not........once bitten, twice shy.
  19. I agree. The GT should always have a V8 under the hood. Just wonder if the 5.0 will have direct injection for 2015.
  20. If I were one of the bean counters down at FoMoCo I'd axe the v6 Mustang, no doubt about it.

    Why keep an n/a v6 around when a turbo 4 can make similar power, more torque and achieve better fuel mileage? BMW 3-series, MB C-class, Mk V-VI GTI, and a few Audi's went from at least an available 6 cyl down to exclusively a 4 cyl turbo and they're selling well.

    What you have to keep in mind is that the majority of your average non-GT Mustang driving crowd could care less what's under the hood. As long as it looks like a Mustang and can move under it's own power, they're happy. And a ~250hp turbo 4 can provide that.

    And who's the buyer for an EcoBoost v6 Mustang? In the F-150 the EcoBoost is a more expensive option than the 5.0, something that wont fly amongst the faithful. Save for a few members on here, i'm guessing the majority of GT owners will opt for the 5.0 over the EcoBoost v6 any day, even if they produce similar numbers.