so when do we get to see a vert?

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  1. so when do we get to see the vert?

    I was expecting them to roll one out at NAIAS. :( I realize the vert will follow the coupe by some months but I was hoping to at least see it. Anyone know when/where they plan to show it?
  2. suppose to come out in '06, but it would be a dream if they could make it a retractable hardtop. :D

    kinda like so...
  3. Yea, I wanna see a vert also. :(
  4. I dont' think it would be cost effective.

  5. No drop top at the show? Well, shat! That's half the reason I was going to the show.
    Also, those retractable hardtops are mucho dinero and take up loads of trunk space.
  6. yeah, but the technology is there for them to make this work along with a wider trunk compacity than past mustang generations. It may not seem realistic or cost effective, but if the option is available then it would seem that ford would eagerly take it on to gain more eye catching reviews.
  7. The retractable hardtop roof is not anything new. And in fact the first car ever to have one was a Ford. It was the 1957-59 Ford Skyliner Look it up. It would be neat to have one. Maybe in a larger car that the roof would actually fit in the trunk. We can always dream.

  8. yeah, even the first mustang there was a man on the ford design team trying to push a retractable hard top, but it was scrapped.
  9. Yeah its a shame. Hell I'd be happy with T-Tops at this point. I just don't like the soft top. And the targa top would never be around when you needed it.
  10. I thought there would be a vert in 05, just later. Not til 06?
  11. Well, think of it possibly like this. At this show, we are seeing the '05 Mustang coupe. The convertible will not be shown for the first time until next year's show. That is 12 months from now.

    The question becomes, will it be called a very late '05 model, or an early '06 model, at that time??? IMHO, it would kind of be embarrassing for Ford to show a "new" '05 model a full year from now, no???
  12. Or at the very least, it would be nice to see a moonroof option return for the coupe.

  13. You will not see the vert until about this time next year. The coupe goes on sale first sep-nov 04 with the vert starting production in Feb 05.
  14. ok, makes sense, but when do we get to at least SEE one? ie at a show, in a magazine, etc...