So who needs TCP?

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by dolfan87, May 30, 2004.

  1. Check it out.






    Obviously we are not done yet, but it's what we have so far. This is a coil over set up.

  2. Looks good dude. When do I put in my order? :D
  3. You rock dude!!!! :spot:
  4. We gotta road test this stuff first. ;)

    If it passes the 150MPH road test, it will be ready for production. :rlaugh:

  5. Nice stuff! Good Luck with it.
  6. what kind of welder/rod setup is that? ive never seen one that small. will it do body sheetmetal? 1/4 inch plate?
  7. Nice work, but from an engineering look it seems the top arm is underbuilt on the ball joint end, the lower are looks pretty bulletproof though. If the shock/coil combo is going to attach to the lower, maybe the upper is okay.
  8. Need another road/stress tester?

    Let me know when the order window opens up.

  9. That would be call the process of TIG welding lets just say a qualified welder can weld two coke cans together and never blow through generally used on alum and a lot of mild steel these days even Stainless took me only 7 years to learn to become good
  10. Yes, the coil over shock will be attached at the lower arm. The upper at this point is only tack welded, but the basic design is there. The only job the upper arm has now is to connect the top of the spindle to the body of the car.

    Where the ball joint bolts on, is 1/4" plate steel, it's plenty strong.

  11. those arms look plenty strong, one suggestion though since you are using rodends, consider making a strut rod eliminator design. something like is being done on the mustang ll suspension. it will take some more work but i think it would be worth while in the end.
  12. Nice work! If only I had a welder, and money to buy steel... and a car to test it on. lol.
  13. you need all of those bad boys powdercoated right? :D

    seriously though, keep me updated on these, id love to have this long as it uses stock-style springs shocks...or...620 springs and aftermarket shocks.

  14. This set up is for coil over shocks and springs. If we can make it affordable, is there any reason why you would not want to go this route?

    Adjustabe ride hieght, shock rebound, spring stiffness. The coil springs are 36 bucks a piece, and you can change them by simply un-bolting two bolts!

    Depending on how this set up works, which so far it has been awesome, then we will branch out and build set up's for the 65-66, and 67 cars.

    What's cool is I have the ride set at about 1/2" above the tire (17" rims, with 235/40 tires) and we still have 3" of up travel! Almost full suspension travel with the car slammed!

    Well off to finish those lower arms, I'll post pictures later today.

  15. If you can get those for a '68 I'd be VERY interested.
  16. Yes, because I just spent $250 on springs and shocks for the front of my car :)
  17. how affordable are you thinking these might turn out to be dolfan87?

    Those look awesome so far!
  18. i'll let you use my car as a 67 test car for free labor. :D
  19. You have any idea how much these could end up costing?

  20. It is going to come down to time + materials. The rod ends are expensive, as are the shocks. Honestly, we need to get this first set up done, do some testing, and make sure everything is cool.

    I am not going to throw a figure out there right now, because I don't want to say X amount, and then find out it's going to be more later.

    Here is where we are at, and bear in mind that it's NOT completed, and there is still fabrication to be done, but you can get a general idea of how it will work on the car. Yes those are TCP's strut rods, and we will be developing our own for the kit.