So who needs TCP?

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  1. It's my 70 Mach 1.
  2. How simple would this be for me to make at home for my 67. I can weld well and have some fabrication skills. Couldn't I just buy my coilovers and brake spindles and build around them. Or possibly use the measurements of my existing suspension to make tubular A arms and such. Let me know any info you can. Thanks
  3. Simple? Well it's not exactly simple, but yes you could do it. We have suspension background in our corner, but you could pick up any number of suspension design books, and go for it.

    There will be some pieces that you will need to have made(unless you have a mill at your house) such as the upper arm shaft, and the strut rod front mount.

    Good luck with your project, and post some pics when you get it done!

  4. Any updates? Hows the ride/handling etc?
  5. I was out of town for a week and half recording in Nashville. We have also had a problem getting what we want in ball joints.

    We think we have what we need now, but the CNC part of the job is what we are up against now. Everyone here in our local area is so buried with stuff that we are having to farm stuff out to the Las Vegas shops.

    So where we stand is this: Upper and lower arms are in their final design state, and we are just getting some of the nit picky things corrected from our standpoint. Strut rods are the problem because of the CNC work on the front mount.

    We have become a distributor for Bilstein shocks. Since we have the strong off road connection with them, they will be supplying us with our shocks on the Mustang kits.

    I know things aren't moving as fast as even we would like, but to be honest the ball joint thing was a major hurdle, and now that we have that figured out, the next problem is getting stuff machined.

    I am also down to my last 100 bucks after spending all my "cash stash" on a new belt sander, steel, and several sets of different ball joints. So I am having to borrow money to even get the rest of this stuff going.

    I hope you guys understand.

    Also just for the record, the Afco 20035 ball joint does NOT fit in a Mustang least not in a 70 spindle.

    So that's where we are at. We are going to really press hard this next two weeks, and I would like to get the first beta test kit out for the 68-70 by the first week of August.

    If someone is interested in being the tester for the 68-70 years (I only need one person) then please PM me. We are hoping to find a person who actually races a car on a track, and also runs the Mustang on the street as well. You will be required to sign a test waiver (disclaimer for us) and also have to give detailed reports, and inspections, of how the kits handle, as well as if any damage that may be occuring to either your vehicle, or the kit itself.

    You will only be required to pay for the cost of materials for the kit (currently looking like around $850-$950) and you can after testing the set-up, either return it for your money back, or keep it and enjoy.

    Your car must currently be in solid shape, with good steering as well. This kit will NOT fix sloppy steering components.

    Alrighty there it is, let me know if your interested in a PM, and give me some detail on how you would test the set-up.

  6. hey gram i'd love to be your beta tester, but my car is in the body shop and won't be out until the middle of august at the earliest, and also there no place around here to race. i will be going the through the suspension once i get it back from the body shop though so if you can't find anyone else that can do it for you and you're in a pinch (not likely) i can probably do it for you. i'd pm you but i didn't think it was important in this case. i'm still really curious to see the final product. there is a big mustang show here august 21st, if you have a complete setup ready to go and want someone to show it off for you, shoot me a pm.
  7. dolfan, good work, I am following your progress.....I am prepping my 67 FB for opentrack right now....would be a good test! :banana: