So who will do this as there next mod?

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    If he really did get results like that why wouldnt the auto manufacturers do this, or maybe make it an option. :shrug:
  2. damn, i'm going to do that to my whole car.
  3. Cryo freezing has been around for a while now, I know a guy who drag races and is sponsored by a group called "300 Below" and has his entire block Cryo'ed. It does make things last a lot longer and makes the metal stronger, but I don't believe for one second it improves gas mileage! :bs:
  4. Why not?wouldn't a cool running engine run more effecient than a hotter engine making use less fuel.
  5. But its not cold anymore it gets frozen at one point and then thaws out. Just stronger.
  6. The link didn't work for me, but I can still put in my opinion. Cryo freezing has been done before. Its nothing new. A buddy of mine did his rotating assembly. It is used to strengthen the metal. Think about it this way, heat expands metal and over time weakens it. When you freeze something, it basically shrinks. Well when the metal shrinks, the metal particles form a tighter bond in return making the metal stronger.

  7. i didn't read much does it cost to do....lets say a block?
  8. Exactly, its only cold for the time it goes through the process.
  9. im guessing the car manufacturers wouldnt want to do this b/c itll totally slow their business down if their products last twice or 3 times as long.
    how much does it cost?
  10. BINGO!!!

    "Less than perfect" products keep so many companies in business. If our cars never broke down and had frequent problems, how long would Autozone and other similar companies stay in business? So many jobs would be lost if "perfect" products were made and our economy would go down the proverbial toilet quick.

    Back on track: The more stuff auto manufacturers do, the more costs they will pass on to us consumers.
  11. Sounds good i guess, its probably VERY pricy though. I'd be nice to cryo EVERYTHING so it would never break. I'd run a 400 shot with 30 lbs of boost from a turbo. Just to see if the block would break.
  12. Its not very expensive to Cryo. something it usually depends on size. When i was playing high school baseball i special ordered my easton reflex bat ($215.99) then from the place i ordered it from the had the option of cryo'ing bats so i read up on it and got it done. After all those years of playing high school balls our team went through somewhere around 20-25 bats but mine never cracked. It still in my closet and in great condition and it got used like a billion times. I would trust a story like that cause i know that cryo'ing stuff does make it much stronger.