So who's married?

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  1. I just got married May 15th, and just got back from our honeymoon.

    Please note that I didn't intentionally have more pic of my car than of my bride, it just worked out that way :shrug: :D

  2. I am 29 this Friday and I am not married yet. I date quite often and would love a wife 10 years younger than me. Sometimes I do feel lonely and wish I had a family but that will come with time. For you single guys out there checkout It has brought me many younger dates and thats what I want.
  3. Ahhh, the joys of younger women...and the headaches...take the good with the bad, as in all cases :)
  4. I'm 27 and I'll be married six years in Sept. We talked in high school but never really hung out or any thing. About three years after high school we ran into each other and dicided to go out one night. Five months later I'm engaged and married five months after that. Had both of our kids while I was finishing college and living on 12 grand a year as a DJ. All this with her in and out of the hospital 4 or 5 times in the first 3 years. And I've NEVER been happier! Find someone you can laugh and have fun with, and always do your best to think of the other one first.
  5. married?!?!?! I cant even get a GF LOL... count yourself lucky, of the 100 Electrical Engineering Freshman accepted at RIT.... 8... yes EIGHT were girls and I know of 3 that washed out already, so going into my sophmore year the ratio is 97:5, yeah... I'm screwed for the next 4yrs girl-wise
  6. Time to get rid of that pocket protector! :D

  7. Major in special education. Female:male ratio = 30:1 :nice:
  8. Noting your last line I think the point is "You are NOT screwed for the next 4 years."
  9. There is the best answer you will find about being married.
    I have been married and divorced four times since 1972. I have two great kids, by the first one and five wonderful grand kids. You cannot make someone love you, dont try. Dont stay married for the kids. And always choose the stang over the wife. Ask my last one. I told her not to make it a choice. The wonderful woman I am dating now is new to the car thing. I told her the other day about spending 20k for a motor for the car. She gave me one of those (what are you crazy) looks..... :nonono: So time will tell if she will be number five....... :rlaugh:

    ***And on a side note. You dont have to hate each other because you dont love each other anymore. I still get along great with all my ex's.**** :nice:
  10. Should we make a list of 10 things every woman should know?

    In no particular order:
    #10 Don't ever make him choose between you and the car or bike.
    #9 Yes, we really do think about sex that much.

    Anyone else want to chime in? :D
  11. Shouldnt #9 be like #1.....or no lower then #2.... :nice:
  12. I was just getting it started...hence anyone else want to chime in! haha
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  14. Now who could add to that.......... :rlaugh: :nice:
  15. Just damn.