So You Want Black Door Lock Cylinders?

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  1. Seeing as the cheapest set of Black Door locks I could find was $60, I started looking for other options.

    In my garage, I have many, many cans of Plasti-Dip. Many colors to choose from, including classic black and glossifier.

    So a little rigging with a few strands of wire to compress the inner cylinder so a gap was present, 6 coats of black and 2 coats of glossifier and this was the result. Dimestore Black Locks at their finest.


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  2. Doesn't plasti dip come off? I do the same thing but w/ SEM trim black.
  3. I CAN
    come off if you peel it, but it's pretty scratch proof from what I see and hear
  4. Exactly what madspeed said, it can, but its pretty durable and easy to work with.
  5. I will be interested to see an update after 12 months.

    I powder coated a set of handles and door lock covers once. They looked great! Until later....

    I ended up with a NOS set that I eventually found on ebay for next to nothing.

    Great idea with the plasti-dip though. Interested to see how it hold up.
  6. I was the guy who spent the 60$ on a black set, lol. I will keep this in mind if this situation ever arises again for me. I plastidipped the inner head light bezels on my car beginning of the year and it has held up nice so far.
  7. pics or it didn't happen :fuss:
  8. Add these to the list of items I should start selling to make a million bucks. along with clocksprings, front and rear factory control arms, radiator supports, and convertible interior pieces.
  9. I had my drivers side door lock go bad so I bought a black replacement door lock set from for$16
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  10. Black locks yet your cars a few different colors?


  11. x2 for maroon scotchbrite and SEM trim black. But yours look good.
  12. Shaddup Brian!