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  1. Are the GT500s down to sticker yet, or is everyone still charging ~$15,000 over?:shrug:
  2. Depends on the dealer, market, and who you know. I know a dealer that would give me sticker price, but I don't have the coin for it.
  3. Sticker

    I'd love to pay sticker for a Shelby...the "dealer's premium" is ridiculous and, seemingly, unwarranted - there are plenty of them around.
  4. At one time I would have jumped through hoops to have paid sticker for the Shelby. Those days are gone.
  5. Still WAY to early, give it time. Same thing happend to the 03 cobra.
  6. I wouldn't go that far. There were A LOT more dealers willing to sell the '03's for MSRP than there currently are dealers willing to sell the GT500 for MSRP. I bought my '03 for MSRP at the beginning of August 2002! I've yet to find a dealership who will sell me a GT500 for MSRP. Even my local dealership has one that just arrived in their showroom. Black with Tungsten stripes. The sticker on the windows states 45K... but the dealer says it'll cost me an additional 13K on top of that to drive away with it... :mad:

    Dealers suck monkey nuts....

  7. As soon as they get to sticker I'll buy one. My local dealer has a GT500 vert on the showroom floor marked up to $69K! I talked to them about ordering one, and they said they would have to negatioate a fair market value markup when it arrived. I gave them my card and told them when they were done marking them up to call me and I would gladly purchase one, until then I'm not interested. "negotiate a fair market value markup" my @ss. Sure I'll buy a car from you and not have any idea what i'm paying for it:rlaugh:
  8. Interesting thing is, there are some dealers around here that are pushing really hard. I've sent inquiries and I get called every day. Also, there are some dealers with several Shelby's on the lot. I've had some of them tell me that "the premiums aren't as high as they were". I've also noticed that many of them on eBay are not meeting the reserve prices. I think it's all a good indicator that, although they may not get to sticker, you may be able to drive away with one for less than 50K by the fall...

    Plus, the dudes who overreached and borrowed to get their hands on one will be dumping them early next year when they can no longer afford them....

    So I'm waiting. In the meantime, I might get a GT to play with...but I've been reading on another forum about a bad front suspension issue that Ford has just acknowledged but is waiting to address.
  9. Just lurking in this subthread, but what is the suspension problem? Please let us know. Thanks

  10. what's described as a low speed "thunking" or "clunk" noise coming from the front end over bumps, etc. at speeds below 20 mph in the coupes. most of the complaints said it kicks in with very low miles and sounds like an old mini van front end. many have tried fixes to no avail. ford supposedly is recognizing an issue with bad front struts on all 07 stangs but has yet to issue a tsb. there is a very lengthy thread on another mustang forum (not sure if forum rules here allow another forum to be mentioned, but i'm sure you either already know which forum or can google it to find out.)
  11. Don't waste your time on a Shelby GT either. They are almost as redicilous as the GT500. One dealor in my area wanted 50K for a $30k car.