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  1. Check it out. I took my head to this machine shop to get the machining done for bigger valves and get the intake tracts "bullhogged" a little bit. This dude had my head for a month and never called me, I called him a couple of times and got some BS out of him. So I go pick up my head and he has basically done nothing. Not even order my valves. This is the e-mails we have sent to eachother.

    After talking with my father I found that you and him had a discussion earlier tonight. I was very upset to hear what you told him the situation was. It is my understanding that you told him I said that I would not need the head for awile and didn't mind waiting. I remember in November when we first met I told I was not in a hurry, however, on Dec.4 when I left you the deposit I was told that It would take you about two weeks to do the bull hogging and large valve machining. I also vivdly remember asking you if the deposit would be returned if I changed my mind on getting the work done. You sai it could be if it came to that. On Dec. the 18th I came by your shop (Willy and Richy were there as well). It had been two weeks and you had done maybe a grand total of two hours work on my head. I told you I needed it soon so I could start the porting work over Christmas Break. You said OK and it should be done by the next Monday or Tuesday (22nd and 23rd of December) and you would call to let me know when it was done. I did not recieve any call, so I called at around 9:00 pm on the 26th of December. I was at work and my manager can verify the phone call. I told you I would be by on the next Monday (Dec. 29th) and expected it done. You said OK and the conversation ended. I was unable to make it and did not come to pick it up until Monday the 5th of January. As the head sits now the bullhogging is not even complete, according to what I was told by you. Obviously I am not one of your valued customers so I would just like to get the money back for work you didn't do, but had ample time to do if you had wanted (a month). I have shopped around a bit and found much better prices for getting the head machined for larger valves. These places are telling me 2 or 3 days at the most to get the work done, not 2 weeks or 4 weeks. I donnot know where you came up with the idea that I didn't back for a long while.

    If you will not return my money then I would just like to have you order parts for me (that I find and choose) for the remaining balance. I have lost all faith in you to find and order these parts after my visit on the 18th of december. You had a tray full of valves and had no idea if they were for my head or my friend Willy's head off of a 75 Nissan 6 cylinder. Further I refuse to pay the price you have given me on such things as valves and valve springs as I have found them for 25% cheaper else where. I am sure we can work something out so I can recieve compensation for the money I have paid you.

    -Joshua McCoy

    P.S.-I work at an auto parts store and have customers ask me from time to time to suggest establishments where I would get work done on my car. I have already refered a couple of people to you and given them your card, but will never suggest your shop to anyone if I am not treated fairly. I am not trying to blackmail you in any way, I just hope you will fix me up good so I can continue to tell people that you do have a good business and are a good place to get work done. I also refered my friend Willy to you and he had some work done by you. Thanks for what you have already done for me, I really do appreciate it.


    Absoulutely NO Refunds on jobs once we have begun work on them....NO Exceptions


    Did you read this? If you won't give me money back then there are other options. I would appreciate if you would work with me on this and treat your business like a business. If I treated a single customer at Schucks the way you treat me, then I would be fired. Just because I am in highschool does not mean I am not serious. I have over $1000 sitting in my checking account waiting for this engine. You told my dad you treated me different than other customers because I am in highschool. This is a sign of a poorly run business. At any rate. You owe me $250 worth of parts and we will be in contact over this. I am really disappointed this had to go this way, but I would like to be treated with respect.



    You are pissing me off!!!!


    Nice guy huh.... he gives me lots of info too... ****er...
  2. Definately an ass...don't expect to accomplish anything through emails though...need to talk face to face.
  3. If he is a member of the Better Business Bureau give them a call and show them the emails. But by looking at his responses I doubt he is.
  4. if all else fails, how big is this machine shop? If they dont refund your money, or atleast compesate you, there are ways to hurt a business. record your converastions with them, both emails and in person, and then run an add or with a buyer beware,heck for 250$ in parts i would sit outside with a picket sign saying he was a ripoff and dont get your work done here! I can understand a complete month for a rebuild oil pain to aircleaner, but for a valve install that is pretty weak! Take a calm approach, see what you can get done through deplomacy, and if that fails...expose his business for what it is. :flag:
  5. unbelievable. Don't quit til you get your money. Can you take a cop in with you, are we civilians able to do that? He's basically stolen your money.
  6. Just say hey you breached the contratc and if you don't comp me ill let loose a lawer on your ass.
  7. Sorry, but that is pretty funny to me. Since he touched the head and had the money under his policy its a job well done :lol: If it was me I would take him to a small claims court with EVERY email and person pertaining to you and him. Also go ahead and try the BBB, the other guy is probly right and this jerk is not a member, but you never know. I wouldn't put out a add in a paper, it could turn to a "Libel" case and could make things worse. Now I wouldn't come out and tell you customers the guys a jerk I would just recommend them to someone esle. If they ask about him say I wasn't to impressed by him nor was the judge when I had to fight him over some money he owed me for uncomplete work etc. That way he can't get you for "slander" also, you want to avoid this stuff if you do take him to small claims court so you remain looking like a victim. This guy is a sad dude if you ask me hell what little he did do was probly done when he got the call you where comming so he could inforce this B.S rule. :nonono:

    I watch a lot of T.V. uh :D Well Good Luck !

    P.S if that don't work use your head and knock out 250.00 worth of his windows without getting cought :nice:
  8. 4 tires spiked tires and a keyd car ~250$ in repair, depending on tires size...just a thought :rlaugh:
  9. umm maybe I shouldn't have said that last part, sorry about that :(