Sold before I could get this one


Sep 30, 2020
A friend of mine has a GT 5.0 that’s a 5.0. Engine runs great, has around 140k miles, AODE I believe. The convertible top has some issues with closing correctly. Has a new top, but she says the rear area where the hydraulics is at seems to be the problem. Her ex broke the ignition, when he replaced it he didn’t wire it right, and drains the battery. All the windows are tinted the same except drivers window which was ripped of its tint due to someone breaking in and tearing it all to hell. She says there is a small oil leak in the area of the rear main seal(no big deal on that I could fix that quick). What would you guys offer someone for a car sight unseen, and with these issues?
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Put lubricant all over the balls
Mod Dude
Feb 18, 2001
Sight unseen? $3500-5500.

That number will vary based on how rough it is in person. Clean rust-free body with good paint and very few blemishes will probably be at the higher end.

TBH, I would probably offer $3-4K tops for a 95 GT vert AODE.