Expired Sold My 86 5.0 Lots Of Leftovers

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by fastfox86, Nov 10, 2013.

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  1. Parts Located in Frisco, Tx

    I still have a lot of stuff left and tons of original 4 eye stuff that's hard to come by if anyone needs anything. I'm only listing stuff I can ship easily. If you are local and need something bigger, see if I have it. Here's a list of what I have. It's not comprehensive, so if you don't see it listed ask about it. Send me a PM if you are interested in something and we can talk price. If you are on this forum you'll know whether it will fit your year so I'm not listing years.

    Front and Rear bumper shocks
    Fuel pump bracket
    Fuel Level Sending Unit (Working)
    A9P ECU
    Mass Air Conversion Harness (Computer to MAF sensor 4 wire)
    BBK adjustable fuel pressure regulator
    BBK liquid filled fuel pressure gauge
    MSD Pro Billet Distributor (Super low miles)
    MSD Multi Angle plug wires (Super low miles)
    MSD Ignition Coil (Super low miles)
    Ford Mass Air Flow Sensor
    C&L 76 MM MAF housing with 24# calibration tube
    Steering wheel with cruise buttons
    Turn signal and wiper levers (Originals)
    Fog Light Switch
    Wiper arms (originals)
    Hood hinges
    Ford clutch cable (2000 miles only)
    UPR 3 position clutch quadrant
    UPR Firewall adjuster
    Throttle cable and brcket
    Vacuum canister with original hardlines
    O2 sensor harness (both banks)
    Energy Suspension motor mounts (about 3000 miles) Non Vert
    Hood release cable
    Hood latch
    Hood hinges
    TAB/TAD Solenoids a.k.a salt n pepper shakers
    Fuel pump relay
    85 MPH gauge cluster
    Complete cruise control system (Funcions perfectly)
    Power trunk latch (original)
    Trunk latch striker
    Trunk Latch actuator
    Genuine Ford IAC Valve (low mileage)
    FRPP Air adjuster for fine tuning idle
    Washer fluid reservoir
    Dipstick with tube
    Fuel filler neck
    E-Brake handle
    E-Brake cables
    Charcoal Canister with solenoid
    Various Interior platics
    2 sunvisors in excellent condition, no tears
    Metal ashtray housing with tray
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  2. How much for the fire wall adjuster an quadrant an dip stick tube
  3. How much for the sunvisors and do you happen to have a switch attached to the turn signal lever?
  4. How much for the MSD Pro Billet Distributor?
  5. how much for the fuel pressure regulater, and gauge
  6. sent you a message...
  7. Do you still have the A9P and MAF Sensor and harness? If so what would you want for them?
  8. You need to provide asking prices for each and every item that you've listed per the guidelines for this forum.

    Please refer to those guidelines by clicking the link in the announcement at the top of your screen.

    Pics are also required for listing items in this forum.

  9. Sorry, I thought only the item location was needed. I'll try and get some pics and prices up ASAP.
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