sold my bullitt!!!! here's her replacement coughcoughTWINTURBO

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  1. HAHAHA update. i got rid of the BMW and i'm looking for a nice '04 cobra :) the bmw was nice and all, but i really miss a muscle car so i got someone to takeover my lease

    hey guys, hows it hangin. i sold my 2001 dhg bullitt in january to my best friend's brother. a week later i picked up a brand new 2007 BMW 335i sedan. titanium silver-black leather-aluminum trim-AT with steptronic-paddle shifters-sports-premium-cold packages-TWIN TURBO inline 6!!!!!! this car flies, though admittedly i miss the living hell out of my mustang. here are some shots. so far i've just added tints and european spec tailights. future mods will include this chip ( ), exhaust and staggered 19s (most likely BBS Lemans) here's what they'd look like except my car is a lighter silver View attachment 402745

    i really like this car, what do you guys think???

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    and here are the last few pictures i took of my ex, hahaha

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    and just for kicks, my really ex ex girl

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  2. stang was nicer.
  3. congratulations on the BMW that is one nice sweet ride :nice:
  4. meh. all that and no engine pics. have fun when something breaks
  5. thankfully it's in oklahoma now so i'll NEVER have to see it again. i don't think i could handle that
  6. bmw is beautiful but the stang is much nicer.
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  8. i think its sharp. nice choice.
  9. those BMW's are very very nice. enjoy real luxury, handling, and relaiability. soemthing the stangs will never give us, but also something i can live with, cause i love it.. none the less.. very nice pick up :nice:
  10. Flappy Paddles FTL!!!

    ....Should have got a Manual Shift Gearbox....
  11. Nice. I was beating the p$$$ out of a new 330xi the other day. Great car. Not all that fast but great handling and AWD. MUCH better build quality than Ford, of course.

    Downside of BMWs is they are pricey to buy, pricey to service, and pricey to mod. Chips can do wonders for them, but other mods are $$$$s.

  12. i wanted an auto... paddle shifters were a wopping $100 extra...
  13. tell that to ferrari:rolleyes:
  14. looks nice. not a big fan of the wheels.
  15. Better car, build wise. Less fun to drive, IMO.
  16. stang was nicer....:rlaugh: you guys are smoking crack :rlaugh:

    NICE choice :nice: :drool:
  17. less fun to drive????? have you driven a 335??? these things are crazy fast and it handles like nothing i've ever experienced (i.e., better than my lightning, bullitt, and old ass camaro)
  18. I like it :nice:
    Too bad they put that ugly front license plate holder on, no reason to have that on a car in florida
  19. yea i took that off :)
  20. Very sweet Auto. :nice:

    Personally, I would have gone for the coupe. :D