sold my bullitt!!!! here's her replacement coughcoughTWINTURBO

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by bullitt784, Feb 18, 2007.

  1. congrats, are you going to stay here? :shrug:
  2. it's a tune by vishnu. puts the numbers a lot closer to the M5
  3. dude, stuff it noob. did i at any time put down my previous mustang???? no, i loved that car and i love mustangs in general, and furthermore i thoroughly enjoy mustang forums. i'm glad you have your opinion on what should go on within the confides of the 4.6L TALK forum, but honestly, if you didn't have anything useful to say then what was your point??? the bullitt was just as sweet as my new car, just on a whole different level. they arent easily comparable
  4. fa shiizle, i might change my avatar...but i doubt it
  5. Then dont click on threads like this then. Seems easy enough, no?
  6. Nice, are you going to pick that up?

    Hope it's up/downloadable or removable should anything happen to the car under warranty.
  7. Nice car but you need some wheels
  8. Nice ride, but it looks sooo bland :/ But I guess you could debadge it and up the boost and have fun with people who are clueless :D
  9. yep! it's 100% plug and play right now. it sits in it's own box next to the ecu with its own wiring harness and serial connector, updated maps will be free, it doesn't permanently alter anything once removed (installation/reinstallation takes 15 minutes), and is said to be completely undetectable to the dealer if it is on a car and then removed. vishnu tuning has been beta testing it on 335s (fellow forum members' cars) since september and it seems near perfect. claimed times are 0-60 in low 4s and 1/4 mile in mid 12s :D
  10. i agree, it's nowhere near as flashy as the bullitt, but it kind of fits my bland personality. i'm probably gonna debadge it simply because i think the back would look nicer. the dual exhaust outlets kind of gives it away anyway. haha

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  11. agreed, i dunno whether to buy rims or the tune though. :bang:
  12. Tune!!! :nice:
  13. lol i regret selling the bullitt!!!!!! i'm getting rid of the bmw and looking for a nice ;04 cobra :rlaugh:
  14. :owned:
  15. I'll take the beamer for free plz ;)
  16. Vishnu's 335i tuning is impressive, 3.0l tt-350hp. It must really zing along.
  17. That only took 2 months!!!

    Details please... Why are you selling the BMW?
  18. Very nice car, starting a family?
  19. +1
  20. That's awesome man, I'm sure you'll love a Terminator! When are you planning on getting one?