sold my bullitt!!!! here's her replacement coughcoughTWINTURBO

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  1. Wow! I cannot believe I missed this ghey azz thread... :rlaugh: :SNSign:

    Anyways, I think that the BMW looks really ghey and no way could I bring myself to drive something like that. I am sorry but it just screams yuppie to me :notnice: :sleep:

    WTF is the Terminator you have been "getting" :scratch:

    You should wait until late fall to buy one, they will be much cheaper then.

  2. Cobras are nice but the BMW is hella nice
  3. WTF, what a waste of $$. Your going to get raped on trade-in or even if you sell it outright.
  4. hey kilgore how do you figure prices are going down in fall?
  5. So many Shelby variants will be out, people will be butt hurt from a summer of high gas, the Terminator will be getting fairly old, and in the fall the price of sports cars is always down when the snow falls the sheep start herding towards the SUVs.

    Still waiting for pics of this mythical TT Cobra... :scratch:
  6. screw the termy...

    you've got bmw's baddest 3-series right now... crank the boost and do the usual bolt ons.. i can see those cars being the next supras.
  7. hey if nobody ever had any regrets life would be a lot easier. i leased the BMW. i lost all the money i put down and my brother actually agreed to takeover my lease payment. this took some persuading and i had to sell his '03 325i for him first, which was cake.

  8. i'm out of the loop, why will they be cheaper in the late fall??? and i disagree on the yuppie thing, it's not a freaking corvette. the car was pure sex, but it just wasn't my thing. it was way too boring
  9. well if you consider a 65 years old man on viagra pure sex, its your thing......(Im talking about the BMW....)
  10. Sorry but there's no way in hell its the next Supra. First of all, the motor is already tuned to the max and close to its limits form the factory unlike the 2JZ-GTE. Also, the reliability of a Toyota vs a BMW and maintenance cost will keep this car from ever being that popular. Also, ever consider the cost of modding that car? A freakin exhuast system is close to $2000 and i'm not even gonna mention the cost of software and computer related upgrades on a BMW.

    Nice car, yes. Next Supra? Never
  11. expensive???? how much would it cost to add 70hp to your mustang??? the vishnu tune is $1300 and it does just that.

    and on that note i'm going to stop defending the bmw and find another damned mustang
  12. ^ i think the bmw is an older rich mans car, cobra = just bad A$$ lol
  13. Do you honestly believe that? The e36 m3 was making almost that amount from a 3.0 NA more than 10 years ago.

    BTW, these are dynoing around 280-300 rwhp. Reflash the chip (Vishnu) and about 340.
  14. Im in no way attacking the BMW, im simply pointing out thats its not the next Supra at all.

    I'd say $1300 for a tune is pretty expensive when it runs about $350-400 for the average car, like say an 03 Cobra to get tuned.

    Also, Stangless, read about the car a bit. People are putting out about 400 or so and afraid to push it anymore due to its higher compression ratio. It does have efficient turbos though, minimal lag as well.

    ITS NOT THE NEXT SUPRA is all i said. Id take one over my GT anyday but to say its the next car capable of hitting 1000rwhp on a stock longblock and running ridiculous times and having the ability to gain gobs of power for cheap is just flat out incorrect.
  15. I swear this board is full of rednecks that like ****ty leather, rattling plastic, and non-european handling..dont get me wrong, Ive owned 3 american cars..97 trans am, 98 z28 vert, and now this 02 gt vert that ive had for quite a while now..but dont get it twisted, I bought these cars because of the value/fun factor and my dad wouldnt help me with anything else:p but honestly, our cars are "fun" and look great with mods, thats about it..BMW,BENZ,Lexus,Porsche..OMG these cars are literally 10x better in comfort,feeling,handling, and everything else..LUXURY is what I care about. I probably will never buy another american car again unless its like a c6/z06 or something similiar..I ride in my dad's sl55 and s550 all the time and I feel like crap when I get back into the stang:p

    I actually just got the stang back after 9 months btw..Ive been driving a 03 clk 55 amg in silver that my dad just sold but let me drive it for a long time..during the last 9 months my stang saw like 50 miles:p and I HATE automatic cars but this clk55 was amazing..and not to mention the girls wouldnt get off my nutz :D anyways the bmw 335 in the coupe is much nicer IMO and I would never switch back to a cobra after driving the 3-series, your on crack:/
  16. lol at pimp factor of driving your dad's cedes:rlaugh:
    I love my dad's audi and his mercedes + the pimp factor, but my dad's car has more power than mine with a chip, full exhaust, full suspension, 20" rims but honestly i dont think you could ever make it sound good going down the road. If you dropped a terminator engine in an Audi i'd all be friggin over it.
  17. that is pimp huh?? hehe, i swear the attention I got totally shifted..I live in bocaraton and thats not too far from south beach so that might have something to do with it..anyways that audi is ssssssssiiiiiiiiiiiiick..I assume most ppl here that drive stangs never really drive the euro luxury, because if they do..they wont go back.
  18. Are you actually serious? Thats some expensive indecision.:shrug:
  19. Since 98 I have owned as Euro Cars:
    99 M3
    2001 911 C4 Cab
    2007 Merc E63

    Honestly those cars are nice, but they are not the mustang. Plus I never use them to get attention, all had/have limo tint. I've found its only the kids who lack life experience think that Euro cars are "so special". Its all in your mind. You can get a smooth riding
  20. Nice

    Those are "nice" cars and I'm sure they are pretty quick, but I could never go from driving my Mustang to a car like that.

    I'd feel out of place driving it without a suit and tie. :shrug: