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  1. Need some help guys with the starter solenoid. I've tried the faithful Google search and it came up dry but I'm trying to figure out what wires are all landed on the POSITIVE side of the solenoid. What I have on it so far is the typical body harness wires also the battery wire the starter wire since I have a hi torque mini starter now I know I have to put my 3g alternator output post wire on there as well. My problem is that I have almost topped out my solenoid post hahaha. My solution is could I take the starter wire off of there and attach it and the alternator output post wire directly onto the battery + side? I mean I'm just moving it off of the solenoid to the battery could someone shed some light as to if this is a possible solution or another way if there is one???
  2. I don't have a pic of the solenoid for you, but, this is what I did to remedy my excesive wire problem. I put as many wires as I could on the post, then installed one of these. I then got a short bolt and used it to install the remaining wires in the other end. My solenoid is under the fender, so the ugliness is out of sight.


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  3. i recently did a 3g install as well as a wire tuck. I had to make a distribution block as I too had more connections than the post would allow
  4. ^^ godd idea! might borrow that one. mine is inside the fenderwell also
  5. That's a good idea because mines under the fender and it will keep as few wires inside the bay vs. My idea
  6. If you have a mini-starter, you can replace your solenoid with a much more compact automotive relay. There is no need for that huge solenoid when a 1" x 1" relay will accomplish the exact same thing. Anything that was on the hot side of the solenoid post would just have to get relocated to another constant 12V source. A distribution block is a great way to do that, like mentioned.
  7. what relay would you recommend? and could you give a little bit of a descripition of installing it?
  8. A typical 30A Bosch automotive relay will do the trick. You can wire it as follows:

    30 - 12V source (10-12ga)
    85 - ground
    87 - to starter (10-12ga minimum)
    86 - trigger wire (blue/red wire from post on stock solenoid)

    That will do the same thing your solenoid does right now with the mini starter. Much easier to tuck away compared to the solenoid.
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  9. Omg Scott your amazing hahaha sorry the little school girl in me came out pahahaha but that will definitely help man thanks a ton
  10. Yea, that's what she said.
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  14. Starter solenoid wiring 86-91 model cars.

    Connect the fused 4 gauge wire to the alternator and the battery side of the starter solenoid.

    Starter solenoid wiring 92-93 Model cars.