Some Basic TwEECer Tips

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  1. Here is some stuff not really addressed in the TwEECer manual, as downloaded from

    1. The "Update Only" checkbox has a bug that will randomly corrupt the tune when it is loaded into the tweecer. Always double check that this box is not selected after making modifications, as it seems to be check by default. The checkbox shows at the bottom of each of the tabs.

    2. When datalogging make sure that you have created a payload and saved the tune (.ccf file) with the "Data Logging" checkbox selected. If this is not done then CalCon will not show any activity while the engine is running.

    3. Do not remove the file "Logfile" from the folder "LogFiles". This file is a format file that is used each time a datalog is created. Without the file in this location, datalogging is not possible.

    I hope others can add to this.

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  2. Basic First Changes

    Here is a summary of some of the first changes that need to be made when starting out with the TwEECer. After performing these changes it would be a good idea to do some data logging and verify that KAMRF 1 & 2 are not too far off from 1.00. The EEC-IV seems to have a maximum adaptive ability of 12%. If you are getting readings of 1.12 or .88, then you have maxed out the ability of the computer to make changes with the KAMRFs.
    Hardware/Hard Tune Changes
    1. Set Base Timing to 10*
    __a. Timing adjustments will now be made with the tuner
    2. Set Fuel psi to 38-39, or install stock regulator
    3. Set Base Idle (make contact with idle screw, then turn 1/2 turn more)
    __a. Idle adjustments will now be made using the tuner
    4. Ensure TPS is between .6v to 1.1v.
    __a. Anywhere in this range is acceptable

    TwEECer Changes
    1.Turn off EGR function (If system has been removed)

    2. Disable Thermactor Control (If system has been removed)
    3. Set idle
    4. Change MAF Transfer (download if available)
    5. Change Injector High/Low Slopes per TwEECer Manual.
    6. Change CID scalar

    8. Change Adaptive Update Rate values to either 3or 10. All values except the bottom 2 rows can be changed (you don’t want to change closed throttle positions as it will cause problems on decel).
  3. And get BinEditor and EECAnalyzer
  4. I've read this before...
    that I will need Binary Editor and EEC analyzer software licenses: (est $110) when purchasing a Tweecer RT.

    I've also read that I'll need to replace these need O2 sensors with wideband sensors in order to dynamically read A/F ratio.

    Where can this software be purchased and is there a preference of Vendor (Bosch, etc) for the sensors ?
  5. Yes, I would very much like to know that.
    I may be able to purchase a good used RT so would
    definitely need to know a source for the software licenses.

  6. When you purchase a tweecer or tweecer RT, you are only buying the HARDWARE.
    The software supplied with the tweecer is free to download from the tweecer site...

    The 'editor' on the tweecer site is called CalEdit.
    The datalogger on the tweecer site is called CalCon.

    Both of these software programs had several glitches, and it was starting to look like they would never be fixed. They didn't make the software unusable... just tougher to work with.

    This is where BinEditor comes in.
    BinEditor is a single program that incorporates both the editor and the datalogger.
    EECAnalyzer (aka EA), is a separate program that is used to analyze datalogs and make reasonable suggestions for tune changes.

    The creator of BE/EA is a fellow Mustang enthusiast who is pretty active in the continued development of the software.

    More info can be found here...

    Both can be purchased here...

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