Some Clarification: '03 Mach 1 vs '01 Cobra

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Angus, Mar 11, 2004.

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  1. What do you get?
  2. svoking on friday night?
  3. That's the way I see it as well. If an 01 cobra had the suspension, rear gearing and subframe connectors of the Mach I, I think it would run within 1 MPH and 0.1 seconds in a quarter of the Mach I. From what I can tell there is only a 1% to 3% average HP difference in the two between optimum shift points. Say 4250 to 7000RPM. The advantage goes to the Mach I.

    The Mach is set up very well for sprints. Although, I'm surprised it hangs as well as it does with 01 and 02 LS1s. The LS1s seems to hold about a 35 to 40 average HP advantage between the optimum RPM shift points.
    I suppose the lower gearing in first an second of the Mach has a bit to do with it. It seems the weight and overall gearing is similar between the later LS1s and the Mach I? Similar trap speeds between the two as well with a slight advantage to the LS1s. I suppose the higher engine RPMs of the Mach over the LS1s is making more of a difference than I think.
  4. Well, if you're going to compare a modded '01 engine to a stock '03 4V I wouldn't exactly call that "Apples-to-Apples".

    As far as the Mach 1 you mention with "All the bolt-ons" hitting only 295 rwhp, I'd like to see that since my car made only ~ 8 rwhp less with only a drop-in K&N filter in the stock box.
    With just the K&N, my Mach also made an additional 8 lb ft of rwtq (312 rwtq vs 304 rwtq) more than my full bolt-on (JBA 1 5/8" headers/Magnaflow X-pipe/Magnaflow Cat-back/C&L MAF/K&N Big filter/Steeda u/d pullies/Custom tuned-ECU/etc...) '01 4V did.

    My '01 had 318 rwhp/304 rwtq when I had it custom tuned, and that was all that I could squeeze out of it with all the bolt-ons available.

    Since my last dyno, I've added:

    Bassani '03 Cobra catted X-pipe
    Magnaflow Catback
    K&N Aircharger intake kit

    I'm going to dyno again in a week or so & I'll post how the modded Mach 4V compares to the modded '01 4V.
    I'll overlay the graphs like I did in the previous post so we can all see how they truly compare.

    If I was a betting man, I'd wager that my Mach will make ~ 325 rwhp & ~ 340 rwtq after receiving a dyno tune like my '01... :banana:
  5. 01 Cobra vs. 0X Mach 1 vs. 99 Cobra:

    Mach vs. 01 Cobra


    99 Cobra


    According to the dyno the Mach is making about 215RWHP @ 7000RPMs and according to my AFTER FIX sheet the 99 Cobra is making about 250RWHP @ 7000RPMs.....the Mach makes peak HP o/a 5000RPMs and the 99 Cobra makes peak o/a 6200RPMs....the Mach is making o/a 250RWHP from 4300+RPMs to 6500RPMs and the 99 Cobra is making 250RWHP from o/a 4300+RPMs to 7000RPMs....the Mach is making o/a 275RWTQ from 3300+RPMs to o/a 5300RPMs and the 99 Cobra is making 275RWTQ from o/a 3600RPMs to on my book...with equal gears....lets say Mach type 3.55 and equal axles let's say Mach solid...IMHO the 99 Cobra (for example) will kill the Mach.... :banana:

    Just my .02

  6. Before 6800rpm the Mach1 makes more power/torque the whole way! The blue curve is higher than the red curve!!!!!!! Your looking at a little spike at the end. Area under the curve is the most important. Mach1 wins flatout.
  7. I'd be happy to.. :p
  8. WE'RE glad you're done, and don't come back. Guys like you give all mustang owners a bad name. Your posts are nothing short of rediculous.

    Good riddens

  9. Angus, you should of kept the cobra. I don't have all the bolt-ons(no porting,no headers,no inner fender cai) 311rwhp, 305rwt. I doubt you'll come anywhere close to 325rwhp with those bolt-ons, maybe 300rwhp. You should of bought a 03 cobra monster, why settle for a mach 1. Mach 1's are great performance automobiles, but the 03 cobra with mod's crushes it.

    I've seen other mach's with bolt-ons, and their dyno sheets showed the same thing, 295rwhp.

    Hey, I'm waiting for the 06-07 cobra, this car will be the undisputed king of all previous mustang cobra's and mach's, except for maybe the 2000 cobra r, now that's an awesome car.

  10. My buddy has a 99 Cobra with the fix and K&N CAI and he dynoed 270rwhp/278rwtq! He would have been in the 26#rwhp without the K&N. Seems like MAch1's are making a whole lot more than that. He is just one example.
  11. I'LL GIVE YOU MY 99 cobra numbers. This car has bolt-ons, and no headers, no porting, no inner fender cai. 311RWHP, 305RWT. Here is my car compared to Mach1. [email protected] 4000rpm is 225rwhp, cobra is 225rwhp; [email protected] is 260rwhp, cobra is 260rwhp; [email protected] is 280rwhp, cobra is 297rwhp;[email protected] is 275rwhp, cobra is 301rwhp; [email protected] is 275rwhp, cobra is [email protected] 6200rpm; mach is [email protected] 6500rpm, cobra is 300; mach is [email protected] 7000rpm, cobra is 275. I've gotcha by [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected],[email protected] With porting, headers, and WMS cai I'd probably peek @ 325rwhp. But my numbers would go up throughout the powerband. Cobra's really wake up with mod's, especially in the upper rpm's. I have yet to see a modded mach 1 make 300rwhp.

    With my 4:10 gears and good tires, I think I'd smoke ya even with the IRS. I'm working at getting the dyno sheet posted, so you can see for yourselves.

    Mustang Cobra's rule.


  12. yea the 03-04 :nice:
  13. OMG this is seriously making me sick and makes me want to sell my cobra just so I don't have to listen or see this stupid bickering. Frankly I don't give a 'Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me' about who likes what car more. I like mine, I bought it used for a decent price and it had low miles on it. Now I plan to mod it and have fun with it, maybe get it painted in a year or two since I did all the under coatings and rust proofings to it anyways she is prepped to be a keeper.
  14. How 'bout this one:

    310 rwhp Mach 1

    Or this one:

    300 rwhp Mach 1


    I raced my '01 Cobra for a year with the IRS, Nitto Drag radials & 4.10 gears....

    ...SOoooooo, I'll take that bet! :D
    You name the time, date & drag strip. :D

    Please post the dyno sheet when you can... :flag:
  15. We're beating a dead horse here (pun intended).
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