Some Dtc Codes

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  1. Pulled some codes on the Cobra we got last week. The CEL isn't on BUT I think it may be out or disconnected because is doesn't come on when you turn the key on.

    Secondary Air Injection System Incorrect Flow Detected

    EVAP Control System Purge Control Solenoid or Purge Control Valve Fault

    System Too Lean (Bank 2)

    Intake Manifold Runner Control Fault Stuck Closed

    P0411 and P1519 are new ones on me. Maybe they are all related?
  2. What year is the Cobra ?

    The EVAP and air injection system could be due to a bad vacuum line or a connector that came loose.

    I would imagine the car is running goofy/poorly ?
  3. It's a 98. Not running badly at all. That is the weird thing.
  4. Might want to pull the plugs on bank 2 and check the color. Maybe do a compression test while you are there just for piece of mind. I don't think anything is wrong in the cylinders but its a new to you car so while you are there...

    If the color on the plugs in bank 2 looks good and you aren't having drivability issues then I think you are ok to run it for a bit. Do they pull codes when they smog check in your state or just do a sniffer ?

    Shouldn't the IMRC fail open ? Either the return spring is detateched/broken from the linkage or the solenoid that holds the IMRC shut is frozen in the closed position. Not fun to take apart but you can always put a vac hand pump on the actuator and test it manually.

    If the IMRC is not opening I would expect your plug color to be ugly and black showing a rich mixture in general. Might not be noticing it at the tail pipes if it isn't TOO bad and cats are still doing their job.
  5. I'll pull the plugs and check. Inspection is an ODB check.

    Where on the manifold is the IMRC? I've looked but maybe I'm seeing it but not realizing.
  6. I can't remember if Stangnet is ok with me posting links to other forums or not so I'll PM this to you.
  7. Thank you kind sir.
  8. I reset the codes a few weeks back and now the P1519 is gone. Just the other 3 there now.
  9. Seafoam might free up the stuck IMRC?
  10. It might work but this is a 150K mile engine. I'd be afraid of what it would break loose. I'd hate to rogue sludge up oil ports.
  11. I wouldn't be too scared of some seafoam in the tank. Take the throttle body off and check out how dirty it is on the back side, that will give you a good idea how clean/dirty it is in there.

    Also might want to do a compression and leak down test for kicks. If the cylinders are tight and the back of the TB/inside the upper plenum looks not TOO bad, dump a ton of Seafoam in there.... then again, I'm a seafoam whore.... love the stuff......

    Also, Kilgore, is that your Mustang in your profile pic ? Its cold out there man, your pony is shivering !
  12. Ah...I was thinking in the oil. Dink. Gas tank is another story.