some good news

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  1. went to the doc today and said everything was great looking and took the head apparatus(halo) off and i feels awesome to not have that thing on anymore. I got to wear a neck brace for at least a month then i got back for a check up with xrays! ill post pics as soon as i can!

    :D :SNSign:
  2. KICKASS MAN! no go get you some booty and show that ole ex of yours what shes missin
  3. yup already have some lined up. just gotta go over there:D
  4. well go over there lol...Good to hear that thing is off your noggin
  5. right on man! congrats
  6. +1. Yup. Time to go get some @$$. Remember, video's. Pictures are so 2006 :rolleyes:
  7. are u paranoid of turning ur head too fast now? I would be.
  8. hell yeah i am! when i take it off i move it like 1mm/sec. the doc dont want me to do much but then again if i work the neck its not going to be worth a **** when the brace comes off. i can tilit my head all the way to both sides(hurts a lil when i go to the left)can only turn about halfway both ways and can tilt head forwards/backwards all the way. I do this all VERY VERY SLOW. slower then the civic was :D
  9. if i were you id drink alot of milk.. (vitumin D for strong bones)... and exercise, the crap out of your neck... but after it heals for a long while..