Some Idiot keep messing with my car..WTF do i do!!!

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  1. well i am still in high school and for the last 4 day i have been getting GUM put on my car. at first i thought "Ohh its just a begining of school prank, no biggie" But its happened everyday now. I Happenes during the 3rd and 4th period of the day. I go out and check after 2nd and nothing. At lunch, there is gum. Today i just am tired of it cause it was on my Key locks. I am so angry and wanna beat some ass. I have to options right now

    1. Me and my friends stay in his focus and stake out in the hot sun for 2 hours and wait for someone to do it then totaly beat the hell out of him, Till is is bloddy and hurting.

    2. Go to the Campus cop (Who is cool ) and he will stake out in the parking lot to catch the bastard. He did it beofre when my friends car go egg'd.

    Downside to number 1 is that i could get suspended and be screwed senior year.

    I really wanna kick some ass, what should i do?
  2. Id probably just take it into my own hands.

    Do your own stake out and beat his sh1t in.
  3. ever thought of setting up a camera?
  4. Spend money and BS time setting up a camera, or you can just make it quick and easy and punch him.

    I vote punch him
  5. seriously, id brown bag it at lunch
    hang out in a buddys car about 20 cars away

    watch your car for that lunch period

    catch the fool face

    and rock the **** out of him

  6. dont own one, but i could just stay in my car for an hour and read a mag and kick his ass, i have Dark ass tint....but is it worth me getting in big ass trouble or should i just let the school get him suspended and then i could tell the he scratched my car and i could get money.
  7. well if your school has a decent camera system you could ask them to review the tapes of wherever your car was parked. If that doesnt show anything then stake out and beat the crap out of whoever it is.

    If you have a camera system anything like our schools though you should be set....when i got brought in for doing dounuts in the parking lot last winter i got to see the whole setup and it was crazy, they can see a the hairs on a fly sitting on your black hood from across the parking lot basically. Good luck with it.
  8. hide in your back seat and spook him ;)
  9. Taser his @ss. He'll think twice next time.

    Or you could get one of these....

    Trunk Monkey
  10. set up a cam from a friends car to see who it is
  11. im all about beating some ass, but everytime that happens, i end up looking back at it thinking maybe i should have let the "authorities" handle it.

    why dont you tell this campus cop, if you say he's really that cool. after the guy gets nailed and suspended, and they make him pay you, THEN kick his ass some night away from school property where no ones gonna see it. then you have deniability on your side if he tries to get you in trouble :nice:

    the way i see it, he ****ed with your car, and thats worse than ****ing your woman. he deserves an ass beating
  12. since he puts his hands on the keylock it's considered attempted Grand theft. skip classes and beat his ass under the fact that he was going to steal your car. if it was texas you coulda shot him :nice:
  13. Another vote for kicking some butt. after u put him on the ground, tell him "DONT MESS WITH THE STANG BITHC!!"
  14. How answer 3, "all of the above".

    Let the campus cop catch him so you can find out who it is. Than catch the kid of campus and beat crap out of him. That way you won't get in trouble at school and you get the satisfaction of shoving your foot 3 feet up his ( | ).

    Problem solved. :nice:
  15. Off campus and unrelated encounter = assault. :shrug:
  16. :lol: he is right!!
  17. thats why i say you just jump the bastard from behind at night or something, then you'd have deniability. sure its not a fair fight, he wouldnt see it coming,and you'd be a thug. BUT, did your mustang see it coming? did your mustang have a chance to defend itself? and eye for an eye man...well, thats not really applicable here, since he messed with your car and we want you to kick his ass, but its close enough
  18. I'd just get the school cop on his ass. That way you can make sure they see the videos instead of you saying he did it and it not getting caught on camera. It's just a part of high school, stupid immature **** all the time. That's why i'm glad i'm outta that place and into a little bit better place, College :D
  19. :stupid: where you going to school man?
  20. another vote camera. Then you can sue for a new paint job.
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