Some Idiot keep messing with my car..WTF do i do!!!

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by SRT Handz, Sep 12, 2005.

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  1. Perhaps there is already a camera on the parking lot? Ask the campus cop.

    Also, I think a girl is doing this...

    Violence is not the answer, pay-back to their property is.
  2. i say let the school cop bust them and once they are suspended, find them somewhere and beat the shart out of them. unless its a really fine ass chick. then im sure u can think of a suitable way for her to make it up to you:nice: btw, was ur car damaged?
  3. Wait to see who it is, make him think he's gotten away with it again. My guess is its a group of kids, and one of them is dong it. High school kids are nothing without their friends. After you find out who it is, you take it from there, outside of school. He's not worth getting suspended 10 days for, and you possibly not graduating
  4. Rarely do I advocate violence but I do make exceptions. Stake him out and let him gum it a final time. Then walk up to him without saying a word and beat his ass (do it very quickly). When done, tell him why. Do you think he'd rat you out knowing full well you caught him gumming his car?

    Update this thread with what happens. :nice:
  5. pepper spray, then when hes on the ground tazer his nuts a few times... funny thing would be if its an ex GF of yours
  6. lol @ Tazer

  7. Beat him down and shove some chewing gum up his ass so when he farts it blows bubbles.
  8. hmmm i wouldnt beat his ass...only because he would do somethign worse after hes u seriously want ur car to be damaged? just let the cop handle it...i vote talk to the cop...think about it....having ur car damaged isnt worth it
  9. im all about beating ass, untill i got my gt. let the cop do his job, let the kid or kids know you know, and tell him to chill out. they might back off just knowing u know.

    like i said all about ass kicking when the gt is not around. heres the problem. your car is there everydayyou beat his ass, he kicks the **** out of the car! you beat his ass again, but your cars doors are all still kicked in.

    i never mess around when people have access to my gt. i have a daily beater just so the gt is safe in a locked garage with the alarm on when not in use. :)
  10. Well its going down, i me and 3 friends are gonna ditch calss and stake out to find out who it is and beat the **** outta him, i got a huge bat, i dont even care about getting in trouble, he is just gonna be crying so bad. Its probley some prick who is jealous that i drive a hot stang and he drive a POS Accord.

    Tommarow i am beating ass, will repost tommarow with results...Cheer me on
  11. update your sig first
  12. Revenge vandalism brings at most a fine.

    Violence will pretty much guarantee you some jail time.

    For gum... Might want to think about it... Jail... Do you have a purty mouth?
  13. I'm with trout, I think its a chick, what guy puts gum on a car? They usually would key it or worse... So I say chick or one of your friends messing with you.
  14. with what? all the new mods i have, i have been getting mods up the ass and dont have time to put in on, just got the bumpsteer kit on today.

  15. Accuse him of attemping to steal your car, when he puts gum on your door record it and turn it in :D
  16. dont let the cop do it, he will end up messin it up and i gurantee you they will see the dumbass cop waiting for them, no ones that dumb. Id sit in someone elses car a few cars down and wait for him to come out then id probably bash his face in a couple times and curb him for messing with my car. You just DONT mess with someones car like that. Last year at school some drunk ******* pushed my 5.0 into the middle of our college parking lot and busted my taillight out. Never found out who did it...
  17. ohhh man, i think i may borrow some steal toe boots for this ****
  18. Violence is wrong, just because you can beat the sh1t out of someone doesn't give you the justification to do so. Threaten him, but don't beat him.
  19. i think i am gonna scare him...but idk, i think i am just gonna play it ass it goes.
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