Some Idiot keep messing with my car..WTF do i do!!!

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by SRT Handz, Sep 12, 2005.

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  1. Threaten him and it won't be gum, it will be slashed tires or a nice keyed paint job.

    Seriously, get a Trunk Monkey .
  2. if only i can really buy a trunk money
  3. ...bubble gum sounds like an ex-girlfriend to me...or a girl that wants your attention.

    If it is a guy you will have to pound on him -GP
  4. +1,000,000 for a girl that has either had in the past or wants in the future yer bone.

    If you do an ambush, do not bring a weapon. The judge will look a lot more kindly on that :nice:
  5. Quoted for truth...
  6. If it is a girl sneak up behind her and push her ass in the backseat then pull one of these...

  7. I'm voting camera. Buy, use, and return it if necessary. It would not be fun to sit in the car and wait a couple hours.. and maybe he (assuming it's a he of course) won't even show. If your catch him on camera, then it's at your choosing weither or not you want to beat some a$$, get his car back, or persue some kind of legal action. I get angry even reading this story. :nonono: Hope your able to get some justice!
  8. I'd better keep my opinions to myself cause what I would do would land your ass in jail. Let the cop handle it or scope it out at lunch and see what goes down. I've gotten in too much sh** over the years cause of my temper.
  9. Solution

    Dude, Tell the cop and get him suspended. Then Park your car in a different place in plan view of large crowds or if you parkinglot has a rent a cop booth park next to it. Stake it out the same day as the cop that way you know who it is and if it continues after his suspension you can tell him face to face that you will press charges on him and the cop will have your back. This will get you paid$$$. Then if it still continues then KICK ASS!!! Just dont go to far just enought to let him know that you mean business. You dont want to go to far and kill him or something.
  10. ok so whats up did you do anything about it yet? was it a guy a girl? your ex? or maybe your sister??? you got any update info?
  11. Update please...
  12. probably cant update since hes at or going to school now :shrug:

    i drove my car to school and at the end of my highschool days started getting people around it. i came out a few times and had people i didnt know standing around it. i notified the campus watch guy and was pretty good friends with him since he liked mustangs too. never had anymore problems.

    sucks, its dangerous having a nice car anywhere almost, let alone highschool :notnice:
  13. What Happened???

    any updates yet?? did u kick some a$$??
  14. :stupid: It'll be a good story, I'm sure.:rolleyes:
  15. nope man. streetstang03 is just being a lil **** ass, and playin off of some guys real problem. he even posted in this thread (check out page 1)
  16. streetstang was just jokeing guys.
  17. damn, these guys are wound tight :rlaugh:
  18. (.) that tight.
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