Some Idiot Smashed Up The 84

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  1. its been a while since i posted but some ******* finally had to smash into the 1984 mustang svo a few weeks ago, his insurance comoany tried to offer me 2500 to total it out what a joke i told my lawyer they are higher then hell and said to check for the value which is listed in the worst condition at 4400 bucks.

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  2. forgot to mention the dmg estimates ( got 2) are 3500 and 3600 dollars
  3. I would put it on a rack and if the frame was straight just repair the damage
  4. Ouch! I feel bud. My hood flew up and they wanted total out my 86 and told my insurance company they can piss up a rope. I told them I have $13,000 into restoring this car and sent the receipts for everything. A couple days later they called me and said they readjusted the value of my car and they fixed it!
    Maybe you can try that to! If you have receipts showing you out money into try sending them in. Hope that helps you at all. Good luck bro!

  5. I had to do the same years back, got in a wreck that totalled a car I had around 20k in drivetrain alone, they wanted to give me a grand or so(and take the car) had to drum up all the receipts and then some...ended up getting alot more and the car back too.....takes a lot of work but worth the effort
  6. I hear you bro! I wanted to cry and beat the crap out of them when they told me that. I hope everything works out. The 84 svo's are hella nice!
  7. You guys need to get stated value insurance.
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  8. I think it prudent to take the opportunity to say that those of you that are insuring a fox mustang w/ standard coverage, you may as well park it.

    Most ins companies off some form of stated value ins that only requires an appraisal from one of their list of accepted appraisers in advance. I had the red car appraised by some guy that built streetrods,...and w/o even batting an eye,..he gave me a 20k appraisal.

    The policy was cheap too,..I think it was no more than 100.00 a month. I also had to state that I drove the car recreationally,...(less than 7500.00 mi a year)
  9. Serious bummer, man. On a side note- THAT'S a SVO??

    $100/month is cheap?? I think all 3 of my vehicles are less than that combined.
  10. I had The 19 yr old on our plan at that time just wait Nik,.....when your kids get old enough to drive, you'll have a new definition for what cheap is,.....especially if you have boys.

    Seriously, have your agent rate a fox mustang and agree to pay you 20 grand if it gets Tboned. Tell me how much that premium is,....and I'll bet it's damn close to that. In retrospect, may not have been that high,..but I know that it was probably w/i 20.00-30.00 of that.
  11. my agreed upon value insurance on my car is 12k for a mere $240 per year
  12. My insurance after my thing happened revalued it at $10k. But I am going to get an appraisal done.
  13. A. What's the mileage restriction?
    B. Does it allow time on the track?

  14. Yeah, I just put my Fox on collectors insurance with an agreed value of 10K. It makes so much sense if you don't DD your mustang. Much cheaper than regular insurance too.
  15. Yep, I need to check into this type of insurance as well. But, "B" applies to me. I barely put 4-5K a year on it, but it goes to the track 4 or 5 times a year. What companies are you guys using? Do they allow the track time?

    Sorry, not trying to hijack your thread. It does scare me to see people posting damage like this. Just don't want it to be me!

  16. I pay 365 ish a year on the Saleen, 5000 miles and $15,000 coverage, no track time and I can drive it to work occasionally. Not a big deal because i dont plan on running this car at the track. Some don't want you to trive them to work at all. I'll probably bump that back down to 3000 miles next year as I'm not even going to get close to that this year and the extra mileage cost me a little more.

    Really. If you have a fox that is not your your DD and you don't track it then agreed coverage is your best bet.
  17. My agreed value on my 88 is 8500.00 I use American Collector Car Insurance. Im allowed 5000 miles a year, I can take it to the track and it cost me 189.00 a year. After the car is painted, they will reappraise it and I would say I may be close to the 12-15k mark.

    Sorry to hear about the car, it sucks for sure, but like stated above get these things off your regular insurance.

  18. I paid 4500 and had it repainted and trans rebuilt so we will see what transpires here i have receipts for alot of stuff the car when purchased had all the stuff in my signature installed cept a few things i did myself, the car drives straight and everything just hope they change their mind about totalling it i told my lawyer they are crazy even at the lowest value on its listed at 4400
  19. I use grundy, $300 a year.
    Value is $15,000, i didn't get an appraisal, i made that number up, lol.
    Unlimited mileage although i can't drive it to school or work, but i have work van, so...
    They asked me if i was going to do "timed events", i said no, but i got the impression they still would insure it, but it would cost more.
  20. I also have Grundy, right now the car is insured for 7,500 with a yearly premium of 142 New Jersey!