Some interior mod pics from this weekend!

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  1. Well I wanted to do some custom upholstery work on the interior of the car. I got some carbon fiber texture upholstery vinyl in black and dark charcoal to match painted bezels, nitrous tank, and some dash trim in my car. I removed the bottome carpeted pieces from the bottom of the door panels and covered them in black and covered the top pieces in the dark charcoal. If any of you are fimilar with it I think it is made by Enduratex.

    The interior is somewhat ripped apart because I am deleting the airbags, putting in a custom steering wheel, pass. side airbag delete panel, rollbar, and harnesses. In the lower pics the door panel is just mocked up inplace because I wasn't read to put the panels on for good yet, but you get the idea. What do you guys think?







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  2. looks great :nice:
  3. clean as hell.

    You certainly have the eye.
  4. you are the detail master!
  5. Do mine next! Looking Superb as always!
  6. That back corner of the door insert is a Biotch.. I had a hell of a time on mine, and I can see you have a little wrinkle too...Looks very clean though.
  7. as always looks great...
  8. Very cool! :nice:

    I can't get away with stuff like that. White is tough to work with :p
  9. You, sir, are the man :nice:
    Looks great as aways!
  10. :hail2: awesome Tom :hail2:
  11. you should have put a whole bunch of TVs in there like they do on Pimp my Ride
  12. can i ask why you deleting the airbags? the one gripe that i have with the newer bodystyle cars is when guys take out the physically thicker (deeper center) steering wheel, and put on a thin metal one cause it just doesnt look right...can you prove me wrong and show a pic of the wheel going on? and what sort of pass side delete panel are you talking about? your projects never cease to amaze me tom, so none of this is criticism...your attention to details is incredible, so keep it up!
  13. Not 100% decided on the wheel yet, so you will have to wait and see on that. I will try not to disappoint (lol) but I'm sure not everyone will like it. As for the airbag delete panel, I bought one from UPR.
  14. Not me, I am not big on the TVs. One in the dash where the stereo goes in fine, but thats it for me.
  15. cool man i cant wait to see it! your projects make me wanna be at home doin the same on my car:(
  16. UPR makes both covers(driver and passenger side). If you look on their site you'll see that both covers are a complete replica of the stock airbag covers. So you won't have the airbags but it'll look like you do unless you plan on going with a grant/momo steering wheel.
  17. hmm, i couldn't find the UPR passenger airbag delete. mind posting a link, tom?
  18. No worky the linky.
  19. Tom, you're such a ricer! :lol:

    I can't believe the amount of attention to detail that goes on inside this car....someday I only hope to have half of your car's appeal

    Cudo's yet again! :nice: