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  1. On my 69 stang, I have a few little concerns. To start off I dont have any lights on my dash. all my gauges seem to work fine, but just no lights(except for the high beam indicator). when I took it apart, the printed circuit looked a little aged, like the plastic lookin cover is peeling off, could that be it, or is there anything else the matter?
    one more thing is that my turn signal aren't working like they're supposed to. when I try to signal right, it doesn't blink but just illuminates the indicator, I check the turns signals, they're the sme way, thy just get brighter. when signaling left, I'd have to hold it down to that position cuz it goes back, could it just be the turn signal cam that need replacing? any help would be appreciated. thanks!!!!
  2. I can't believe that you haven't gotten a response!

    The dashlights: Do they have power? Quite possibly the headlight switch is in the dim position. The headlight switch (which provides "juice" to the dashlights may be defective (common problem). Are there operational bulbs in the dashlight sockets?
    Check this stuff with a multi-meter or test light before you tear things apart!

    The turn signals: Check for operational bulbs and a good ground at each socket. If the turn signal lever won't hold in position, a new swicth assembly or cam may be needed. Remove the steering wheel and check it.

    If you don't have a multi-meter go to Radio Shack or Sears and buy one! They are available for as little as $10. A multi-meter is GREAT diagnostic tool!

    I have a Fluke multi-mteter that I've used for years to help fix everything from the Christmas lights to computer and EFI problems. A Fluke may cost more than you want to spend but inexpensive multi-meters work well too.
  3. I remember a few years ago I had problems with my turn signals and the internal parts had to be replaced. They are plastic or nylon and have been known to break. Mine had a broken piece and had to be replaced. I recall having to remove all the wires/pins from the connector and sliding the wires up through a sleeve in the steering column(65 Stang). If this is what you need to do then make sure you draw a diagram so the wires can be put back correctly. Also make sure you attach a pull cord so that you can re-pull the wires back through the sleeve. HTH.
  4. I agree with Super Dave, the headlight switch may be needing replacement.

    On your signal light issue, did you change out the blinker switch (relay) under the dash? Just a thought.


  5. well, when i twist the light switch i know for sure that it's supposed to make th e light either go dim or brighten, but it doesn't, nothing happens when i do that.
    And as for the turn signals, I had the same idea as you do, it may need replacing
    about the fluke, well, i am a technician, i really dont mind buying a fluke but i really hate working on electrical stuff, cuz, honestly, I cant understand what i dont see :shrug: :shrug:
  6. I 'd have to go with u guys about the head light switch, I just had to get somebody else's opinion before I start throwing parts into my car. As for the blinker relay, won't my blinkers work at all if it was faulty??? i really don't know
  7. What you have to see isin you mind, just think water flowing.
    it starts from point A and travels to point D and what it does for points B,C
    A,[Pos] thru draw point B to D[grnd] thru draw point C to D

    As for turn sig sounds like blinker switch has frozen, Round can 2 or3 prong under dash area.
    You can try to clean the contacts on the headlight switch for your dash lights.

  8. yeah I've heard that concept before and actually understand a little about electricity, it's just that I'm really intimidated by it , I guess. hopfully I'm gonna have tiem to try what y'all have been saying to me. thanks, and kep it coming!! :lol:
  9. he he he, another thing, I forgot to mention that my fuel gauge dont work, what could it be?
  10. bad sending unit in tank is most likely the cause. But I would get a tester and see if you have juice going to the gauge before you tear apart your gas tank.