Some new pics of the Turbocoupe

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  1. hey that thing looks ok.
  2. Wow Matt dont get too excited about it.

    I have never seen that color of green on an engine before.
  3. hey Look through the pictures I posted. Everything of mine looks "ok" too. Thats like top ranking for me. Very few are good and even less look amazing.

  4. least it's a TF, therefore still cool!

    We had a Pinto that color when I was a kid.
  5. Did the Pinto glow in the dark????

    BTW, Saleen8786 the TC looks in good condition and the body panels look really straight.
  6. I still like that spray bomb paint job!

    Engines painted like that make me wonder that the color somebody originally wanted that car to be? (yikes) I also don't get why the intake has red on it when the rest of the engine is neon green. Who knows.
  7. ya dont ask me about the engine paint :nonono: but the car runs low 14's high 13's. I was told by a couple people and the owner havent got to run it yet thou. Damn weather blows :notnice:

  8. [​IMG]

    I can drive that rig, just give me all the petrol I can carry, some water and a case of canned dog

    Your turbo coupe rocks! Dig that plutonium green engine!

  9. Now that movie is classic... :)