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  1. I picked my car up from the body shop today, I got my rear quarter panel repainted under warranty cause there was a scratch that was underneath the clearcoat. So snapped a few pictures with my cell phone before I took off.

    How long should I wait with the new area before I clay bar, polish, wax, etc.?

  2. Looks awesome :nice: Hows the ride with those springs/rims?
  3. Looks good, glad to see i'm not the only one rocking the V6 emblems
  4. You took those with your phone? Damn dude my phone sucks:bang:
  5. Looks really good....I think you are supposed to wait at least 3-4 months before waxing or polishing it.
  6. The ride is pretty decent, not quite as nice as stock, but overall for a lower car with stock shocks and struts I'm happy. Either in the fall or spring I'm gonna get a set of Bilsteins. As I'm sure the stockers aren't liking the lowering!

    It's all about the V6 emblems! Gives it the old school look for people who know something about Mustangs and makes ricers think you drive a "really loud" 6 banger! Until it's to late! :)

    Don't feel too bad! I have a 1.3 megapixel camera on my phone it's the new Motorola RAZR V3c so it does video and stuff, it's a fantastic phone.
  7. damn, nice pix...never seena phone take that sharp pix....i also have the razr v3c phone but never uploaded any pix from my phone to my comp.....amazing pix.....great looking car ;)
  8. View attachment 474051

    ^^ Taken with a RAZR V3
  9. I have the same exact phone and my pictures don't turn out so well.


    Maybe it's the car. ;)
  10. Wow, that quater panel really stands out in color in that first pic. Almost looks odd.

    Secondly, how did you only run a 14.6 with all those mods? ...

    Lastly, topless needs to stop posting himself's scaring me
  11. hey Silvr, what did you do for your rear brakes? i see theyre upgraded, but to a cobra size? did you piece it together or buy a kit? how much? im looking for the whole kit, but cant find one that includes the anti-moan brackets and caliper mounting brackets.

  12. Well the quarter panel just repainted, that's why it was at the body shop so I bet once I prep and wax the rest of the car it'll match up, right now the rest of the car hasn't been waxed since last year. The reason I've only run 14.6 is due to a few things, a) that was my first time ever going to a drag strip and b) the elevation is pretty high every car will run a little slower there.

    My rear brakes are the Bullitt/Cobra, whatever you want to call them they are all the same anyway. So they are the 11.65" ones. I bought the entire brake fit from here: I had to pay a little extra over that price because with that kit you reuse your factory rear calipers because they match up fine with the Cobra fronts. Since I went with the Bullitt stuff I had to pay for the rear calipers too. But it came with every single thing I needed.