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Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by allcarfan, Jun 24, 2007.

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  1. It's 22 wide right?

    Screw the pics..just tell me the shipped price to Rising Sun, MD 21911 and I will paypal you some money for it.

    And maybe just a little idea what "will need a different upper radiator hose" actually means ;)

  2. The outlet on the top of the radiator is on the opposite side of the stock one. I cant remember if it is the passenger or driver side. You would have to run one of those flexible 'be cool' hoses. Thats what I was going to do...

    let me know if you are still interested

    Shipping is $21
  3. Please email me pics of wheels/tires to rhinebaugh at comcast . net

    You had a '65, right? Did you ever put them on? Pics on the car would be great, if you have them. Did you work out the spacer/adapter thickness? My application is a '65 coupe. Are they the Ford rims, or another manufacturer?
  4. I understand...that's 2 strikes :( so I am really not interested.
  5. I have a few pics of them on an unfinished car that has been lowered. The spacer/adapter for a 65-66 could be 7/8" - 1" - whichever you prefer. The rims are not Ford rims. They are another manufacturer.

    ...sending some pics...
  6. Ever find out about that flexplate?
  7. i saw where you posted this this morning. I just looked at it about 10 min ago and it does, indeed, have the SFI sticker on it.

  8. Got an updated list of whats still available?
  9. Payment sent. Thanks.
  10. list updated...
  11. Get that tracking number? Thanks.
  12. its going out tomorrow with Brad's oil pan :)
  13. still have the new 17x8" chrome bullits with nitto 555R and kuhmos on them...

    5x4.5 pug pattern 5.75" BS...$800
  14. radiator?

    do you still have the radiator and how much to ship to Arab,AL 35016? also do you accept paypal?
  15. do you have any info on the radiator? what model #? is it rated to cool upto a certain hp?
  16. Sorry, it was nearly 2 years ago when I bought it. I dont remember seeing any part numbers on it and I dont know what HP level it is rated to. I was going to run it in front of a 500rwhp SC 331
  17. if you haven't sold the radiator, i do want to buy it.
  18. I still have have my paypal address.

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