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Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by allcarfan, Jun 24, 2007.

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  1. u still have the trans? if so can u give a little more info?
  2. if you still have the spal fan and relay,let me know how much you want for it? i may be interested. may be able to package it with the radiator. thanks
  3. I still have the SPAL Fan, but it will take me 2 weeks to get it. It is in Albany, GA. I thought I brought it up with me when I sold the car. I have the radiator on hand though.

    The trans:
    It has the mechanical diode, instead of the one way roller clutch. And has the 4r70w intermediate clutch set up. That way the intermediate clutch pack has 4 clutches instead of 3. And has the "A" OD servo..

    the direct drive has the upgraded clutch pack too. It also has a hardened input shaft and is wired for OD delete and a transbrake if needed.
  4. does the rans still have the double input shaft for a lockup converter ive seen alot of art carr ones with the single shaft which i know is stronger but i have a double shaft converter and would like to use the lockup feature
    also why was the valve body taken out
  5. The shaft is a 26 spline Art Carr one piece. Valve Body was never put in....
  6. ive never dealt with the one piece personally do u know how hard it would be to change back to stock style thanks
  7. Im not much of a trans guy. I dont know if it is easier to swap out input shafts or a different TC. I bet if you posted up in the tech section...someone would know.
  8. Any information on the 3/8" SS fuel line* $20
    Is it pre bent if so for what year?
  9. It is not prebent. It is a roll.
  10. where are you located? do u still have the wheels? how long is the roll of line? Still have the valve covers? If you still have anything please email some pics to [email protected] Thanks, Lance
  11. sent you an email. I am in Atlanta
  12. Well since no one has said they have taken the radiator, could you please post up some pictures? Or you can email me at [email protected]

    I just dropped my engine in and I need an aluminum rad. because I have blown a stock 2 core before just idling in the Texas heat. How many cores? Operating Heat Range?

    Also, if you could somehow indicate in the pictures how the hoses are run, I would appreciate it.

    The price is perfect, but if it is going to make me work extra hard to just get it working it may not be worth it.

    If my dad says "yeah, that's workable" you could have the money by this Saturday. Thank you!
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