Some old mustang test videos.

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  1. I found some old and newer mustang video's from Motor Week, Car and driver, etc. I gathered a collection of fox based mustang videos from these shows in hopes of starting a sticky of these old videos, if you have some please add them.

    Motor Week 1993 Car Craft Cobra 200.... The 200+ mph Fox Cobra!!

    YouTube - MW 1993 Ford Mustang Cobra 200 Supercharged

    Motor Week 1993 SAAC MK1 Test

    YouTube - MW 1993 Ford Mustang SAAC MK1

    Motor Week Test 1998 Kenny Brown 289RS Cobra

    YouTube - MW 1998: Ford Mustang 289RS Cobra Kenny Brown Edition

    Motor Trend 1998 Super Stallion Test !

    YouTube - MT 1998: Ford Mustang Super Stallion John Colleti

    Motor Week 1996 Svt Cobra Test

    YouTube - MW 1996 Ford Mustang Cobra 4.6 SVT Road Test

    Motor Trend 1998 Saleen Mustangs
    YouTube - MT 1998: Ford Mustang Saleen Road Test

    Motor Trend 1997 Mustang Cobra Vortech cobra test

    YouTube - MT 1997: Ford Mustang Cobra Vortech Supercharged Road Test

    some comparison test videos..

    Motor Week
    YouTube - MW 1998: Chevrolet Camaro Z28 SS vs Ford Mustang Cobra Comparison Road Test

    Car & Driver
    YouTube - C&D 1999: Chevrolet Camaro Z28 vs Ford Mustang GT Comparison Road Test

    Car & Driver vert test
    YouTube - CD 1999: Pony Car Convertible Comparison Road Test
  2. Cool beans. :cool:
  3. awesome vids man! thanks for posting :nice:
  4. That Coletti Super Stallion was one bad ass ride!!! I still remember when it was introduced back in 1998. :nice:

  5. Good lord ... a '96 Cobra loaded with options cost less than a freakin' V-6 2010 Mustang costs today. I feel so old, already... :(

    That Tempo/T-Bird/Stang commercial from '85 looked like something out of Bollywood... :rlaugh:
  6. They called the Mustang "Sassy" and "flirty" :nonono:
  7. The jingle from that '86 Mustang commercial is so sugary-sweet and ghey that it makes my pancreas and my bunghole sore just from listening to it. :puke: