some people just don't care

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  1. Hey guys,

    Well today was like any other day, until on my lunch I noticed that there was some crap on my bumper and around my driverside headlight. Someone broke my driverside corner, IDK how or why but here are some pics of it when I got home.:nonono:



    Well I did want some clear corners, I guess this makes up my mind for me.

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  2. sorry for the huge pictures
  3. I would kick Some arse!!!

    but dont feel like the lone ranger, just last week while my car was at the shop some random punk cuts a huge hole in my top!!!! they didnt even go in the car, just cut it. We left the doors unlocked so if anyone wanted to steal something they didnt have to cut it.. but they didnt want anything but to F up my car... Bastards!!!

    Insurance is gonna cover it, just the inconsideration of others that pisses me off.

    BTW if anyone see's a white Mercury Mountaineer with 22" wheels.. run that **** off the road for me!!! :mad: :uzi:
  4. it's just a blatant disrespect for other people's property. I guess you can use that to justify getting clear corners though
  5. People just need to stay the hell away from our cars. Yeah Im gonna order them tomorrow
  6. Yeah even in my case I just looked at the good side. @ 5 years old it was about time for a new top anyway (mine was in good shape, but thats the expected life)
  7. It would be nice if they left the mod money with a note ..... :rolleyes:

    That just sucks.
  8. You cant have anything nice these days
  9. ordered clear corners last night. I couldn't wait:SNSign:
  10. Is there bumper damage? If not, obviously was a SUV, and I'd bet my bottom dollar a woman in her mid-life was driving...
  11. Don't think your Mustang is safe at a Mustang Club meeting either. Went out to my Mach after the meeting was over and noticed another Mustang parked really close next to me. Could'nt see anything because it was so dark where i was parked, so when I got home I went right to my passenger door and their was a scratch where his door ran into mine from opening it. I'll never go to another Mustang Club meeting again. Hard to believe your own kind don't care if they F*** up a fellow Mustangers car. :fuss:
  12. got them today. I like them easy install. Only thing is that I want clear turn signal bulbs. Anyone know where to get some? Or what bulb #. Ill post pics tonight
  13. That looks more like a rock took out your light. If a car did it it would have pushed in more and I doubt it would have damaged just the lens.....
  14. here's the pics


    Still don't like the yellow bulb though

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  15. I hate door dingers with a passion.

    Had someone knick my Jeep with a real deep red, left a noticable dent also. I just wanted to kick someone ass when I noticed it.

    And sometimes freinds do this *****... I have a buddy who likes to jingle his keys over my hood just cause he knows how bad it pisses me off... well... he dropped them one time, and they slid down for close to a foot, and left some scratches. I was pissed.
  16. Get a pair of silverstar turn bulbs.

    People don't care...

    Someone once let a shopping cart run down the hill and hit my left turn signal lense, (oddly just the lense, I got lucky)

    Smashed that poor thing into 10 pieces, and broke the bulb.

    Good thing it didn't dent the fender, or break the plastic around the lense.

    And good thing 50resto is 1 day shipping. :hail2:

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  17. Thanks man:nice:

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