Some people's kids

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  1. and there are people bidding on that ****? wtf
  2. It sold.:rlaugh:
  3. had to be firends of his bidding it up. Holy crap if someone actually thought it worked......
  4. nice work with the cardboard though lol
  5. Hey! I live in Waterloo!!! But trust me it wasn't me.
  6. actually, thats a pretty good looking model, but it would be hilarious if someone thought he was serious about it. i mean, theres not even pulley.
  7. Did some research... look at the only negative comment...

    Negative feedback rating
    Item was a fake. No power output at all. Stop playing on ebay!!!

    Buyer thebull60( 96Feedback score is 50 to 99)
    Jun-06-06 02:09 8062257832

    Reply by dontknow907: I don't know what you expected when it was listed as a CARDBOARD supercharger


    And look at the winning bidder of this auction...

    Winning bid: US $33.00
    Ended: May-09-06 16:48:56 PDT
    Shipping costs:
    Ships to: United States
    Item location: Waterloo, Iowa, United States
    History: 17 bids
    Winning bidder: thebull60( 96Feedback score is 50 to 99)

    Sounds like some bull **** is going on here
  8. For the artistic point of view, it's actually pretty cool, I don't know if I would pay money for it though.... but the fact somebody actually bought it thinking it actually worked... he said "does not add any power" so this person was stupid enough to try to hook it up.... Somebody is a few fries short of a happy meal.

  9. WOW.... 100 h/p and 75tq... ?.. What was i thinking..and this is only 33bucks..
  10. looks like thebull60 is the proud owner of his second cardboard supercharger......
    I smell:bs:
    Although it is pretty funny. There is probably some sorry sap out there thinking thank goodness I got outbid on that. What was I thinking.
  11. Or he wanted to do twin cardboard SC
  12. I've got one on my Civic with a d17 and it now runs 11's in the 1380
  13. my vtak is still better than your cardboard blowhard d17, it's got pine needle insulation and jack daniels alkyhol injection